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Postdoctoral Research Stations
Fujian Medical University (FJMU) now holds two postdoctoral research stations: one for basic medicine and the other for clinical medicine, covering 6 specialties for doctoral candidates— Pathogenic Biology, Pathology and Pathophysiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Geriatrics and Surgery. A number of staff members, including 172 full professors and 273 associated professors, are working in clinical medicine who, in 5 years, have published 36 academic works, 5,069 articles in domestic academic magazines, 162 abroad. FJMU has been granted twice National Science and Technology Progress Award, 12 times the Second Prize for Ministerial (Provincial) Science and Technology Progress and 116 times the Third Prize. The staff members have undertaken 162 research projects, among them, 4 of the state level and 125 of the provincial level. In the last 3 years, research funds have totalled up to 21.1million yuan, with the average of 15,800 yuan per senior researcher of related disciplines. Haematology has been listed among the “Key Disciplines of 211 Project” by the provincial government, which granted 2 million yuan annually in 1996-2000 to support its development. Three upper first-class hospitals and one hospital of stomotology affiliated to the university can provide all the conveniences to postdoctoral researchers.

Research projects:
Specialty codename and projects Supervisor
100103 Pathogenic Biology  
01 Hepatitis viruses and liver cancer Lin Xu 
02 Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer She Feifei 
03 Epidemiology of cancer etiology Cai Lin 
04 Laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases Yan Yansheng 
05 Infection and immunity Lin Jianyin 
100104 Pathology and Pathophysiology  
01 Pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension Lin Mojun 
02 Morbid genomics and proteomics Liu Hekun 
03 Neuro-oncology and signal transduction Zheng Zhihong 
04 Neurological basis of analgesic mechanism Li Yunqing 
05 Oncopathology Huang Aimin 
06 Tumor immunology Zhou Ruixiang
07 Otorhinological infection and allergy Zheng Ming 
08 Nutrition and diseases Wu Xiaonan 
09 Molecular basis of genetic diseases Lan Fenghua 
100201 Internal Medicine  
Group 1Hematology):  
01 Clinical and basic research in hematological malignancies Chen Yuanzhong 
02 Clinical and basic research in hematological malignancies Hu Jianda 
03 Clinical and basic research in hematological malignancies  Shen Jianzhen 
04 Clinical and basic research in hematological malignancies Wang Shaoyuan 
05 Clinical and basic research in multiple myeloma Chen Junmin 
06 Blood cancer and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Zhu Xiongpeng 
07 Therapeutic radiology and oncology Pan Jianji 
08 Cancer chemotherapy Chen Qiang 
Group 2Cardiovascular Disease):  
09 Hypertension Xie Liangdi
10 Hypertension and related disorders Lin Jinxiu
11 Cardiovascular disease and echocardiography Huang Ziyang
12 Heart failure Hong Huashan
13 Coronary atherosclerosis Chen Lianglong
Group 3 ( Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases )  
14 Pathogenesis and clinical intervention of diabetes Yang Liyong 
15 Pathogenesis of diabetes & Graves’ disease Huang Guoliang
20 Sports and health Onno 
Group 4Gastroenterology):  
16 Color Doppler and interventional ultrasound Lu Guorong
Group 5Pulmonology):  
17 Sleep-disordered breathing Zeng Yiming
Group 6Rheumatology):  
18 Clinical and basic research in autoimmune diseases Lin Ling
Group 8Infectious Diseases ):  
19 Clinical and basic research in liver diseases Jiang Jiaji
100203 Geriatrics  
01 Gerontological nursing Jiang Xiaoying
02 Ophthalmology Xu Guoxing
03 Alzheimer's disease Chen Xiaochun
04 Elderly heart failure Hong Huashan
100204 Neurology  
01 Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy: mechanism and prevention  Wang Wei
02 Deafness and vertigo Zhang Rong
03 Stem cells in neurological disorders Zhang Zhijian
04 Molecular mechanism of neurological disorders  Wang Ning
05 Neural immunity and neurogenetic diseases Wu Zhiying
06 Parkinson's disease Chen Xiaochun
100210 Surgery  
Group 1 (Cardiothoracic Surgery)  
01 Minimally invasive thoracic surgery Tu Yuanrong 
02 Cardiac surgery Chen Daozhong
03 Cardiac surgery Chen Liangwan 
04 Minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery Weng Guoxing
05 Minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery and organ transplantation Chen Long 
Group 2Neurology  
06 Clinical and basic research in minimally invasive neurosurgery Kang Dezhi
Group 3 (Urology)  
07 Urogynecology Song Yanfeng
Group 4 (Orthopedic Surgery)  
09 Bone tumors & spinal cord injury Lin Jianhua
15 Sports and health Onno 
Group 5 (General Surgery)  
10 Clinical and basic research in liver transplantation Liu Jingfeng
11 Colorectal cancer Chi Pan
12 Clinical and basic research in hepatopancreatobiliary surgery Chen Yanling
13 Pancreatic surgery Huang Heguang
14 Abdominal organ transplantation Jiang Yi