• Research Achievements

    The school of teacher closely with clinical work, adhere to the combination with clinical, highlights the nursing discipline in scientific research. Current clinical care, aged care, community care has important characteristics
    In recent years, our teachers have been awarded 44 awards at various levels and got 1 national patent technology award .and have published more than 300 papers in relative journals at home and abroad. They have dominated and participated in the writing and editing 41 national planned textbooks and college textbooks among which teachers of our School acted as chief editor of 10 textbooks and deputy chief editor of 6 textbooks and they have made 1 package of teaching VCD.

  • Teachering Achievements

    Through 20 years education practice of higher nursing, "diligent, inspirational, and beyond" of hospital training, "music school, refinement, and progressive" of Home Style in College a good atmosphere, unity and progress of teachers actively engaged teaching and research work for the construction of higher nursing personnel training has accumulated abundant experience and made great achievements. In accordance with  professional training objectives and needs, built a people-oriented regime, reflecting the biological, psychological, social medical model curriculum, teaching and research accomplishments.