About Us

The School of Nursing was founded in 1985 as the former Nursing Department. Starting out with three-year programs leading to an associate degree, it became the sole examination undertaker of self-study in nursing majors for associate and university degrees in Fujian Province in 1992. It offered the bachelor program in nursing in 1994, master program in 1999, and doctoral program in geriatric nursing in 2007. So far, it has become one of the few educational organization for providing nursing majors in China with a comprehensive educational system, offering bachelor, postgraduate and doctoral programs in the forms of full-time studentship, adult part-time learning, self-study examination, online education, etc.
Optimal Teaching Organizations and Environment
The School of Nursing has set up 6 departments covering respectively the following subjects: Humanity Nursing, Foundations of Nursing, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Nursing of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatric Nursing, and Administrative office, the Employment Instruction Office, nursing lab, counseling room and the Experimental Teaching Center of Nursing. The Center, located in a pleasant teaching environment, covers an area of 6,090 square meters and has RMB 7 million worth of equipment, sufficiently meeting the needs of experimental teaching. It consists of Simulator Wards, ICU Experimental Rooms, Community Nursing Experimental Rooms, Gynecology and Pediatrics Nursing Experimental Rooms, Nursing Skill Experimental Rooms, Pre-hospitalization Emergency Treatment and Aesthetics Training Rooms, Nursing Skill Demo and Teaching Rooms and an advanced central control system. In addition, it has a clinical nursing teaching base with all functions available, including 5 province-owned III-A hospitals in Fujian Province, like the First Affiliated Hospital of FJMU, the Affiliated Union Hospital of FJMU, the Provincial Hospital, and 7 municipality-owned III-A hospitals and 9 community sanitation service centers and 4 Youth volunteer base. These facilities are sufficient for it to meet requirements of clinical teaching and learning.
Strong Teaching Team of Nursing
In the past 25 years, the School has paid particular attention to the construction of the teaching team and has made effective policies and measures accordingly. Professor Jiang Xiaoying, doctoral supervisor, expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council, head of National Excellence Course, distinguished teacher of Fujian Province, is now acting as dean of the School of Nursing. Under her guidance, the School now has formed an innovative and dedicated teaching team with advanced teaching ideas, high academic levels, and strong teaching and research capacities. It now has 55 full-time and part-time teachers, among whom 34 have senior professional titles, 15 medium-level professional titles, 1 doctoral supervisor, and 5 master supervisors. Of the full-time employed teachers, 88.2% hold a master’s degree and above, among whom 4 are off-work full-time doctorates, and 4 are key teachers of the university. Teachers of the School have won university-level, provincial-level and national-level awards and honorary titles  many times.
Teaching and Research Achievements.
After many years of hard work and reform, the School has built up an optimal teaching management system and has accomplished prominent teaching achievements. Since 2005, it has won 2 first prizes of teaching achievements in Fujian Province. Since 2007, this major has been accredited as a teaching reform project of the Ministry of Education, "National Specialty Major of Nursing", "National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Nursing", "National Excellence Course of Nursing Management", "National Teaching Team in Humanity Nursing", "National Project of Experimental Area for Talent Innovation in Nursing". Its Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing and Emergency Nursing have been selected as "Provincial Excellence Course". In recent years, our teachers have taken charge of 45 national-level, provincial-level and departmental-level scientific research programs and have published more than 300 papers in relative journals at home and abroad. They have been awarded 44 awards at various levels and got 1 national patent technology. They have dominated and participated in the writing and editing 41 national planned textbooks and college textbooks among which teachers of our School acted as chief editor of 10 textbooks and deputy chief editor of 6 textbooks and they have made 1 package of teaching VCD.
Cultivation of High-quality Talents
During 20 years of hard struggle, the college has accumulated a rich experience in education, has a high reputation and academic status in similar institutions in the country. Up until now the nursing major has attracted 969 full-time undergraduate students, 20 doctorates and postgraduates and 1161 adult education and associate university students. Its teaching mode is systematic, integrating classroom, campus, community and hospital together enabling students to acquire good professional qualities and strong practical abilities. Students of this major use their professional nursing knowledge to educate community residents and train them of emergency rescue measures and test their blood pressure and weight and enter houses to perform home nursing, etc. These activities brought benefits to 13,650 people and have created a good evaluation. In the past 3 years, the students have won 11 prizes and awards because of their practice activities which have been reported by 10 media units like Fujian TV Station. The students have become leading models of volunteer service in Fujian Province. The student employment rate has stayed at 100% for years. Many students have become leaders in the nursing science field in Fujian Province. They have won a good reputation for their School with their deeds.
Extensive Academic and Cultural Exchanges
The School has entered into long-term academic exchange and co-operation relationship with correspondent universities and institutes in Singapore, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In December, 2005, the School became one of the founders of the "Chinese Advanced Nursing Education Alliance" across the Taiwan Straits, fully demonstrating the academic status and influence of the nursing major in this field. As the society is requiring more high-quality nursing talents and is giving new opportunities and challenges, the School has adhered to the education tenet of "Excellence, Exquisiteness, Elite" and has taken "Leading in province, First-class nationwide, Oriented to world" as its development goal. It is working hard to nurture its special features and educate outstanding nursing talents with its highly qualified teachers and good quality teaching.