• Current Leadership

    Dean: Yan Fu-hua
    Secretary of the School CPC Committee: Xu Nian-hua
    Assistant Dean: Cheng Hui
    Assistant Dean: Lu You-guang
    Assistant Dean: Chen Jiang

  • Faculty

    Adopting different approaches such as talent introduction, cultivation and continuing education, our school has, based on the faculty of Fujian Medical University, has attracted a number of specialized stomatology personnel with doctor's and master’s degrees and some senior titles. We have young and middle-aged key teachers who are good at both teaching and administration, and who, with ‘education complex’ buried in heart, care about the academic progress and physical and psychological health of their students. Currently the school has 88 stomatology teachers, among whom there are 18 PhDs, 51 with senior titles, taking up 58% of the staff. There are 3 teachers receiving the Government Special Allowance from the State Council, 5 candidates of the ‘Fujian Millions of Talents Project’, 3 Doctoral Supervisors, 19 stomatology Master Supervisors, 6 subject leaders of Fujian Medical University and 5 young key teachers. Besides, supported by the university, our school invites Professor Cao Yi-lin, one of the State Chief Scientists and Chairman of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Tissue Engineering, and Professor Lin Wei, President of Macao Orthodontics Association, as part-time professors,and Professor Xiao yin, President of Queensland University of Technology ,as part-time professors.