• Scientific Research Profile

    During the period of 2000 - 2009, the School of Stomatology got 110 scientific research projects, with a total research grant of RMB 5,139,000 yuan. Among these projects, there is 1 national key scientific and technological brainstorm project of "the National 11th 5-Year Plan", 1 joint brainstorm project on Fujian health education, and 1 provincial major scientific and technological project. Besides, there are 3 projects supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China, 20 by the Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province, and 3 by the Scientific Research Foundation of the State Ministries of Human Resource and Education for Returned Chinese Scholars. There are 10 key projects funded by the Fujian Provincial Office of Science and Technology, 1 major project and 1 key project supported by Fujian Provincial Department of Education, and 69 other research projects under the supervision of Fujian Medical University and different departments of Fujian Province. Remarkable achievements have been made out of all these research projects.