About Us

College have 3 master’s academic Degree, including the Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Anesthesiology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.It has 1924 students of undergraduate ,And five undergraduate major including :Medical tests, anesthesia, medical imaging, rehabilitation, clinical medicine (the direction of the eye and optical), Another specialty of Medical Laboratory amateur and amateur Upgraded, Upgraded amateur anesthesiology, medical imaging and other amateur adult specialist and amateur Undergraduate Education, at about 1,800 students.

The School now has 260 teachers, of whom 164 have obtained associate senior titles or above, 96 master degree or above , 5 recipients of special allowance from the State Council,1 expert with outstanding contributions at the national level, 1 “National Excellent Teacher”, 1 “Excellent Teacher in Fujian Province”, 1 "Provincial advanced individual morality ",1 "Provincial Teaching Master", 2chosen as "Outstanding Specialists in Fujian Province",  5 selected by "Fujian Millions of Talents Program", 7 doctoral supervisors, and 6 supported by "New Century Talents Foundation for Higher Education in Fujian Province".
We have got one first prize .one second prize and 21 third prizes of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award since 2002. one first prize ,four second prize and five third prize of medical science. We’ve also undertaken more than 40 research projects assigned by Fujian Natural Science Foundation and Nation Natural Science Foundation  ,  Fujian Provincial Department of Education or Fujian Provincial Department of Health.
College academic links with domestic and international attention, has hired Medical University of Vienna, Austria Department of Transfusion Marcus. Dettke, Professor Free University of the Netherlands Onno G. Meijer human kinematics professional hospital visiting professor Dr., where Markus Dettke professor came to our hospital for elective courses each year of teaching and learning in Taiwan Yuan Pei Institute of Technology, University of Hong Kong Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, exchanges and cooperation to establish a good relationship.
College of the existing provincial quality courses 2, university Courses 8; provincial characteristics of a professional, university Specialty 2; Optometry and professional teaching team won the provincial level; medical tests, clinical hematology and hematology testing, clinical anesthesiology team won the university level teaching; Department of Laboratory Medicine, "Medical Laboratory Training Complex Innovation Experimental Zone" won the provincial Undergraduate Education Innovation experimental area; University Medical Center won the provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers; Teaching reform project 6.