• Scientific Research

    The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences takes its provincial-level key discipline of pharmacology as the key point for college development. With the support of special construction funds for key disciplines of higher education in Fujian, according to the current research fields and drug R&D link of this discipline and with the support of special construction funds for the provincial key discipline of pharmacology, the School has established Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory, Electrophysiology & Pharmacology Laboratory, Cellular Pharmacology Laboratory, Tumor Pharmacology Laboratory, Pharmacy Metabolism & Toxicant Metabolism Laboratory, Neuropharmacology Laboratory, Pharmacology Mechanism Laboratory, Animal Laboratory & Pharmacy Evaluation Functional Laboratory, Protein & Peptides Separation Purification Laboratory, Snake Venom Bio-peptide Activity Detection Laboratory, Pharmacy Analysis Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory and Phytochemistry Laboratory, etc. The science research laboratories, totally covering an area of 2500 m2, now have been equipped with some advanced instrument and equipment. The total number of instrument and equipment amounts to over 200, with their total value up to about 7 million yuan, including 20 pieces each of which is worth more than 100 thousand yuan. In 2005, it was approved to build Basic Pharmacology & Toxicology Laboratory for Higher Education with joint efforts from central and local governments. In 2006, it was approved to build Natural Drug Pharmacology Key Laboratory for Higher Education in Fujian province,Biomedical Engineering Research Center of Fujian Province, Fujian Province Key Laboratory of Pharmacology, National Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Research Laboratory of Fujian Province, three non-clinical safety evaluation of drug center, the Ministry of Provincial Key Laboratory. Therefore, basic research conditions have been greatly improved, scientific research strength has been apparently enhanced and scientific research work has realized great-leap-forward development.