About Us

Fujian Medical University commenced pharmaceutical undergraduate education in April 2000, and established the School of Pharmacy on the basis of pharmaceutical department in May 2004. The School of Pharmacy is an advanced pharmaceutical education institution operated in multiple forms like full-time and adult education, developing diversified talent training programs, such as bachelor, master and doctor, and integrating teaching, scientific research, development and social service as a whole. The College has set up two undergraduate: pharmacy and pharmacy (medicinal preparation). Pharmacy as a Specialty program construction of the national . It has acquired pharmacology doctorate authorization, pharmacy first-level discipline master degree authorization, key pharmacological subjects for colleges and universities in Fujian province, critical laboratory for natural medicine pharmacology for colleges and universities in Fujian province as well as basic pharmacology and toxicology laboratory for central government-local co-constructed colleges and universities. Biomedical Engineering Research Center of Fujian Province, Fujian Province Key Laboratory of Pharmacology, National Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Research Laboratory of Fujian Province, three non-clinical safety evaluation of drug center, the Province of Ministry Key Laboratory。Now, it has 1000 full-time undergraduate junior college students and 100 doctoral/master-degree postgraduates. There have been delivery 1262 undergraduate college graduated students and 155 doctoral/master-degree graduated postgraduates for the pharmaceutical industry .Graduates from this school are very welcomed by employers. Many of them are becoming business backbone of the pharmaceutical field. The School of Pharmacy has provided a broad stage for the growth of innovative personnel who are working for medical cause.

The College has a teaching team that is young, professional and full of cohesive force and vitality. Among its teaching staff of 80 people, there are 56 full-time teachers, 7 professors, 18 associate professors and teachers with associate senior titles, 4 doctoral tutors and 14 tutors of master-degree students. Up to 76% of the full-time teachers, hold a master degree or above, including 14 teachers with doctor degree. 3 professors of the College are returned scholars from United States; 2 professors are experts who enjoy special subsidy from the State Council; 3 candidates of the “Millions of Talents Project” of Fujian province; 1 excellent key teacher in national colleges and universities. Professors of the School of Pharmacy enjoy a relatively high reputation in the pharmaceutical field. They also hold important academic posts in national academic associations, such as director of Chinese Pharmacological Society, vice chairman of Division of Tumor Pharmacology of Chinese Pharmacological Society, committee member of Division of Neuropsychopharmacology of Chinese Pharmacological Society, vice chairman of Division of Anticarcinogen of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, committee member of Division of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, committee member of Division of Biotoxin of Chinese Biochemical Society, committee member of Teaching Direction Sub-committee of Pharmacy of Education Ministry, committee member of Division of Sanitary Chemistry of Chinese Medical Association, committee member of Division of Biotoxin of Chinese Biochemical Society, editorial board member of many academic periodicals like Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin and Chinese Journal of Biochemical Pharmaceutics, etc.

In recent years, as selected by Provincial Department of Education, the four undergraduate courses of Pharmacology 、 Drug Analysis、"Analytical Chemistry" and "Health Chemistry" have been rated as provincial-class boutique courses. Postgraduate course of Pharmacology has been rated as provincial-class excellent postgraduate course. Teaching team of pharmacology has been rated as provincial-class teaching team. Experimental center of the School of Pharmacy has been rated as provincial-class demonstration center for experimental teaching. Pharmaceutical assessment applied by the Provincial Training Innovation experimental area and provincial pharmacology graduate education innovation base.

Taking the opportunity of constructing key colleges and universities in Fujian and with key discipline of pharmacology in colleges and universities of Fujian as the leading role, the School of Pharmacy has driven the construction of disciplines related to new drug research, and has initially established an open, comprehensive and modern innovative platform for new drug research – Fujian Biomedical Engineering Research Center that integrates pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and preclinical evaluation, and has initially formed an innovative drug R&D team of Fujian province, which provides an industrialized technical support system for medicine related industries of our province. So far, it has built up laboratories for scientific research covering 2,500 m2, and it has been facilitated with 22 instruments and equipments each of which is worth more than 50 thousand yuan, and the total value of all its instruments and equipments is worth 15 million yuan. The College has developed a research orientation that is relatively stable and has certain distinguishing features: ① tumor pharmacology research; ② neuropharmacology research; ③ bio-peptide biochemical pharmacology research; ④ natural drug research; ⑤ new drug preclinical evaluation research; ⑥ nano electrochemical biosensor research. It has achieved dramatic breakthroughs in research fields like molecular mechanism of anti-cancer effect of curcumin, melatonin analgesia and anti-morphine dependence and its central mechanism, basic and application research of biosensor, drug analysis and disease diagnosis, etc., which has been highly remarked by counterparts both at home and abroad. Its new drug research and development work has also gained progress. Now, it is carrying out two pre-clinical research on national Class I new anti-cancer drug; it has obtained 10 officinal active substances that will be developed into Class I new drug candidates, Since 2000, it has won 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes of Provincial Award for Progress in Science and Technology, and 2 national patent authorizations; it has published more than 300 scientific research papers in total, 50 of which have been cited in source periodicals of Science Citation Index (SCI); it has gained including 863 National Projects and 62 national or provincial (departmental) scientific research fund tasks. The College has also successfully undertaken large-scale national academic conferences of the “7th National Academic Conference on Tumor Pharmacology and Chemotherapy”, the “11th National Academic Conference on Neuropharmacology” and the “7th National Academic Conference on Biotoxin”,and 2009 Medical Frontier Forum and the Eleventh National Conference on Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology and reviewers will .which have expanded the influence of the College, strengthened the exchange and cooperation with counterparts both at home and abroad and were highly praised by experts and professors in the same industry.

Faculty of the School of Pharmacy is advancing bravely towards a higher goal with full enthusiasm and raising fighting spirit, striving to make greater contribution for economic construction and social development on the Western Coast of the Taiwan Straits.