Wang Weiping, a graduate of the Philosophy Department of Xiamen University, has long been engaged in Marxist theory education and teaching research and humanistic & social medicine teaching and research work in Fujian Medical University. And now, he is the president of the College of Humanities and a professor in Fujian Medical University, director of Chinese Dialectics of Nature Seminar - Board of Medical Specialty, director of Chinese Medical Cosmetology Academy, vice secretary of Ethnic Academy in Fujian Province, director of Philosophy Academy in Fujian Province. In scientific research area, he focuses on the basic theory research of Marxist principles, education and teaching rules of ideological and political theory, mental health of college students, medical aesthetics and cosmetology, palliative care, and medical matters and social work. In recent years, he presided over or participated in many projects of provincial and ministry levels, published more than 30 theses totaling nearly 200 thousand words on the core journals of provincial and national level, and compiled with others 10 textbooks which added up to 220 thousand words. His theses were granted the Excellent Thesis Award at provincial level many times. He published a number of theses on humanistic medicine, in which the theses such as “Medical System Reform Calls for Medical Affairs and Social Work”, “Discussion on Some Issues on Medical Affairs and Social Workers in China”, “Thoughts of Implementing Medical Aesthetics Education in Medical Educational Institutions”, “Education of Death Essence Among Medical Students” manifest certain foresightedness to humanistic medicine research in China, and attract much attention from the peers.

Professor Lin Daxi is the secretary and deputy dean of the College of Humanities in Fujian Medical University. He is also a member of the Steering Committee of Ministry of Education on Medicine Subject Teaching, a member of Textbook Planning and Compiling Committee of Ministry of Health, vice chairman of Psychology Academy of Fujian Province, director of the Training and Evaluation Base for Vocational Qualification of Provincial Psychological Consultation,director of the Training Base for Mental Health Education in Provincial Colleges and Universities, director of the Experts Committee of Provincial Department of Labor for Psychological Consultants, director of Mental Health Guidance Center of Fujian Medical University, director of Mental Health Coordination Center of the Eight colleges and universities in the New District of Fuzhou University City. He was awarded as the “Nationwide Excellent Psychological Consultant” and “Advanced Worker in University", and he is also the editor of the Journal of Fujian Medical University (Social Science Edition). Professor Lin Daxi published 37 theses in succession, and participated in the planning of 8 textbooks initiated by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, in which there are 4 textbooks that he served as editor and deputy editor. He also participated in other 2 works. In addition, he acted as the principal of 9 research projects which were initiated by the Ministry of Health, Fujian provincial departments and the university.