• Scientific Research Projects

    The teachers in Applied Psychology Department published nearly 20 academic theses in total, such as “Research on the Character Traits of the Angle Closure Glaucoma Sufferer”, “Investigation and Analysis on the Personality and Mental Quality of Higher Vocational Medical Students”, “Stressors and General Well-being of Medical Students”, “Study about Gene Expression of Calcineurin in the Caudate Putamen Nucleus and Hippocampus of Rats Behaviorally Sensitized to Methamphetamine”, “DARPP-32 Protein and Phosphorylation of DARPP-32 in the Nucleus Accumbens of Patients with Schizhophrenia”,“An Investigation about Mental Health of College Freshmen”, “The Mental Health Condition of Fujian Province and the Suggestions for Its Development”, “A Study on Mental Health and Self-Efficacy in Medical University Students of Seven-Year Program” and “The Empirical Study on Group Counseling's Effect in Improving University Students' Social Interaction”. Also, the department teachers have self-edited one intramural textbook, and took part in the compiling of six domestic textbooks. What’s more, they assumed nearly 10 scientific research projects of Fujian provincial departmental-level and school level, which form a good support for the teaching.
    The main scientific research projects undertaken by the teachers in our department are as followed:
    Research and Fulfillments on the Undergraduate Talents Training Modes of Applied Psychology
    A Study on Personal Psychological Characteristics and Non-intellectual Factors of Medical Students During the Learning Process
    Research on the Mental Health and Ideological and Political Education Pattern for Medical Students
    The Impact of Chronic Stress on Information Transport Chain within the Hippocampal Cells
    A Correlation Study on Phosphatidylinositol-specific Phospholipase Cβ1 Gene and Schizophrenia
    Research and Fulfillments on Training Mode to Practical Talents of Psychological Medicine
    Mental Quality Training to Provincial Shooting and Archery Athletes
    Teachers of social work were published in "Call of health care reform, medical social work", "On a number of medical social work issues" and "On the Development of Medical Social Work Our Thinking" and other papers 66, translation of professional literature 1, a self teaching in schools. Current social science research projects of provincial and departmental level 8, university research projects 3, the formation of good support for teaching.

    The main scientific research projects undertaken by the teachers in our department are as followed:
    1、the medical social workers and medical ethics education in science Positioning Strategy
    2、the medical college majors in social work research and practice mode
    3、the southeast coastal area of women health and drug abuse problems of medical social workers
    4、harmony Strait and new coordination mechanisms of doctor-patient relationship
    5、the quality of education medical students and System Model of Practice
    6、harmonious society and the ethics of new model of doctor-patient relationship
    7、basic research, medical aesthetics
    8、Health Survey, Professional Women in Fujian Province
    9、China's Social Transition Model of Social Security Medicare
    10、medical colleges of social work practice model of professional
    11、Fuzhou, youth affairs and institutional building of social workers