Physical Health

According to the Announcement of the Ministry of Education, State Physical General Administration on Implementation of ‘State College Student Physical Health Standards’ (Office of Education, PE and Art (2007) NO.8) and the Announcement of General Office of the Ministry of Education on Relevant Testing Methods and Equipment Specifications of ‘State College Student Physical Health Standards’  (General Office of Education, PE and Art (2007) NO.4), college students must have an annual physical health examination during college period, undergraduates will have 4 examinations in 4 years and junior college students will be tested once. Only the student achieving “Good” grade (75 points) or above according to the standards can be evaluated as a “Three Goods” student and granted a scholarship. A student gaining 50 points in P.E. is regarded as “pass” and is allowed to graduate; if less than 50 points, the student will not be granted a graduation certificate.
Evaluating indexes and score indexes and their percentages in College Student Physical Health Standards
Weight-for-height standard 
Step test, 1000 m running(for male), 800m running(for female)          30%
Vital capacity of body weight=vital capacity(ml)/weight(kg)                     20%
50m running or standing long jump     20%
Body anteflexion in sitting position or sit-up (for female)
or grip strength of body weight=grip strength(g)/weight(kg) ×100      20%