Recruitment: English Language Teaching Positions at Fujian Medical University

Fujian Medical University, a century-old medical university in Fuzhou, the capital city of China’s southeastern coastal Fujian Province, recruits teachers of spoken English all the year round.


1. Requirements:

1) native speakers of English below 60 years old

2) Bachelor’s degree or higher

 3) TEFL/CELTA/TESOL Certificate


2. Workload

1) 14 periods(40 mins/period) average per teaching week (18 teaching weeks every semester), which in total is 252 periods/per semester

2) 15 hours per semester for being students’ activities judge or tutor


3. Salary and benefits  

1) RMB120,000 (before tax) per year

2) RMB 10,000 for travelling allowance per year (the travel ticket receipts and  boarding cards may be needed to get the reimbursement)

3) on-campus housing ( a new apartment)

4) RMB 300 for meal allowance per month (12 months)


4. Length of Employment:

1) minimum: one-year contract. Example: Feb 24, 2023 to Feb 23, 2024

2) the contract is renewable depending on your performance





1.  What should I do to apply for a teaching position?

To apply for a teaching position, you need to provide:

1) a resume

2) a copy of your passport (ID page only)

3) a copy of your diploma/certificate diploma of the highest degree or relevant accreditation certificate

2. In the apartment provided, are all the utilities paid by the university, including Internet?

You need to pay for electricity, water and the internet (the internet fee is about RMB 100/ per month).

3. Do the classrooms have audiovisual equipment for PowerPoint presentations?


4. What kind of students am I going to teach? At what level?

    Non English majors at undergraduate level. You may also teach graduate courses or be invited to be a guest speaker in an academic forum.


Contact person: You Jun; Liu Xiaoyan;  E-mail:



Attention in the contract

1. 90% of the yearly salary will be paid on a monthly basis (the 10th day of each month). The rest 10% of yearly salary is related to your performance assessment. If your performance is rated as “Competent Performance”, you will receive the total 10% of yearly salary; If your performance is rated as “Questionable Performance”, you will receive 5% of the yearly salary; If your performance is rated as “Incompetent Performance”, you will receive none of the 10% of the yearly salary. 

Youll receive 10% of the yearly salary if you fulfill the obligations in the contract.