Fujian Research Center of Drug's Non-clinical Safety Evaluation

General Introduction:

Considering FJMU’s favorable conditions and previous efforts for constructing the Center, the provincial government approved the  construction project of “Fujian Research Center of Drug’s Non-clinical Safety Evaluation” in August, 2009 after several rounds of discussions and verifications. According to the construction plan, 10 million Yuan will be granted to build Fujian Research Center of Drug’s Safety Evaluation(hereinafter referred to as the center), the first Drug’s Non-clinical Safety Evaluation research center in Fujian Province. It is predicted to declare GLP certification at the beginning of 2012. Subordinate to FJMU, the center is a science research organization in the nature of public welfare whose fundamental function is to provide technical services to the research on Drug’s Non-clinical Safety evaluation (including GLP projects and non-GLP ones), to carry out research on new drugs, science & technology development and to cultivate talents in the field.

Construction Goals: We will build the center into a modern and comprehensive organization on drug’s non-clinical safety evaluation which is qualified for requirements of GLP certification. The center will provide technical services and backup for drug’s non-clinical safety evaluation that comply with GLP standards, including ①single and multiple dose toxicity studies (rodents); ②single and multiple dose toxicity studies (non-rodents); ③ regional toxicity tests; ④ safety pharmacological tests, etc.

The establishment of the center, the first provincial research organization of new medication non-clinical safety evaluation, will accelerate the research and development of new medications in Fujian Province, and will improve  the research on new medication non-clinical safety evaluation, and will boost exchanges and cooperation among research institutes, universities, colleges and enterprises. Meanwhile, the center can act as an experiment platform for cultivating practical science research abilities of students and thereby improve the quality of senior professional talents of the pharmaceutical science. Therefore, the center will play an important role in boosting the integration of enterprises and schools, improving educational quality, accelerating and revitalizing the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Fujian Province.

Main Equipments and Devices to be Purchased: central water purification system, large-size steam sterilization pot, low temperature centrifuge machines, ultra-low temperature refrigerators, full-automatic dehydrators, tissue investing machines, paraffin slicers, freezing slicers, full-automatic blood analyzers, full-automatic biochemical analyzers, full-automatic blood clotting analyzers, multi-canal physiologic recording devices, the animal behavior testing system, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), etc.