Fujian Institute of Hepatobiliary Surgery

Fujian Institute of Hepatobiliary Surgery Established in 1981, the Hepatobiliary Surgery Research Institute of the Affiliated Union Hospital of Fujian Medical University was approved as Fujian Research Institute of Hepatobiliary Surgery in 1996 by Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Commission, and in the same year the institute was designated as one of the subjects with development priority of Fujian Province. The institute was granted as one of the first key medical subjects in Fujian in 1999, and has gradually grown into a surgery centre which integrates medical treatment, scientific research and the cultivation of specialized talents in the field of hepatobiliary surgery and pancreatic surgery under the leadership of the subject leader, Professor Chen Yan-ling.

Research Orientation:

In recent years, the institute has focused on hepatolithiasis with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and liver cancer, and set up experimental groups for the research of gene chip, bioartificial liver, molecular biology of bacteria, intrahepatolithiasis with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and primary liver cancer. The researches are mainly on: 1. the cause, diagnosis and treatment of intrahepatolithiasis; 2. the basic and clinical research of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma; 3. the relation between intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and helicobacter pylori; 4. the construction and application of bioartificial liver system; 5. the invasion and metastasis of primary liver cancer, the medication of primary liver cancer, and their relationship to the HBV DNA level in blood serum.

Research Achievements:

The institute has won 3 second prizes and 9 third prizes of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award; 9 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 5 third prizes of Fujian Medical and Health Science and Technology Progress Award and 1 second prize of Fujian Medical Science and Technology Award. In recent 10 years, the institute has undertaken 1 program supported by National Natural Science Foundation and 20 research projects sponsored by Fujian Natural Science Foundation and Fujian Science and Technology Commission. Members of the institute have published more than 460 articles in various medical magazines, among which 136 articles were published in the serial periodicals of Chinese Medical Association and 6 articles in SCI journals. The institute has cultivated 33 postgraduates and 6 MDs.

Devices and Instruments

The institute owns laboratories whose total acreage reaches 130m2, including laboratories for the research of pathology and immunity of hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, gene sequence in liver carcinoma, hepatic cell cultivation and animal surgery etc.. The institute has been equipped with advanced experimental instruments,including PCR amplification apparatus, histotome, ELISA Reader, CO2 incubator, thermostatic incubator, thermostatic oscillator, inverted microscope, biological microscope, refrigerated centrifuge, horizontal centrifuge, cryogenic refrigerator, electrophoresis apparatus trophoresis, vertical electrophoresis apparatus trophoresis, electronic balance, acidometer, bechtop, scanner, full automatic gel-imaging analyzer, operating double binocular microscope, quadripuntal shadowless lamp and fibre choledochoscope,  shock wave knapper,  directional RF ablation therapeutic apparatus for hepatoma, microwave curing therapeutic apparatus, multifunctional video-laparoscope, Doppler ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus,  ultrasonic scalpel, ultrasonic hemostat and argon scalpel etc..