Fujian Research Institute of Hypertension

Founded in 1985,Fujian Research Institute of Hypertension is an organization which integrates medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. Among the faculty members there are 3 doctoral supervisors, 7 master supervisors, 8 professors and chief physicians, and 6 associate professors and associate chief physicians. The Institute consists of 6 research offices, including the Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Research Office, the Hypertension Basic Research Office, the Nuclear Cardiology Research Office, the Cardiovascular Disease Intervention Research Office, the Cardiac Function and Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology Research Office, etc. It also owns the editorial office of Chinese Journal of Hypertension, and an ordinary-level animal laboratory. The institute mainly engages in the fields of hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia and cardiac failure; among which the field of hypertension is a key specialty with development priority of Fujian province and plays a leading role nationwide.

The institute has successively undertaken more than 50 state-level and province-level tasks of scientific research; participated in 5 joint tasks together with other domestic and foreign institutes; claimed over 30 province-level and department-level scientific research achievements and published nearly 400 articles in famous domestic and foreign journals and magazines. Over 80 articles have been sent to international academic seminars and conferences for exchange and discussion. Since 1997, 48 articles have been enlisted in SCI journals.

So far, the institute has been equipped with advanced instruments and devices for cytological, molecular biological, physiological,  bio-chemical and pathological research, such as fluorescence reversed phase-contrast microscope, POWERLAB multi-functional physiograph, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, gel image analysis system, carbon dioxide incubator, PCR apparatus, ultra-low temperature freezer, pure water producing system, temperature-controlled shaker, slicer, etc.