Fujian Research Institute of Hematology

General Introduction :
     As the first clinical medical research institute in Fujian Province, Fujian Research Center for Digestive . Diseases was established in 1985 by Professor Chen Ximou, a famous expert in the field. After years of development, it now plays a key role in scientific and clinical research on digestive diseases in Fujian Province. Recently, oriented by its focus on talent cultivation and research enhancement, the Center has undertaken a number of projects granted by National Natural Science Fund, Fujian Natural Science Fund, and other departmental and provincial research funds, and serves as the major provider of Master’s and PhD programs on the related field for potential candidates in Fujian Province. The Center has a strong faculty of 6 professors and chief physicians,  5 associate professors and deputy chief physicians, and 3 chief technicians and chief laboratory technicians, including 10 PhD degree holders or PhD  Established in 1978 as an application-oriented institute affiliated to Fujian Medical University (FJMU), Fujian Institute of Hematology has now been authorized to enroll candidates for Doctoral Degree in Internal Medicine (Hematology) and worked as a research base for the key discipline of Hematology in Fujian Province. The Institute has also been listed among the postdoctoral research stations for Clinical Medicine, the institutes with "Key Disciplines of Project 211" in universities of Fujian Province and provincial key laboratories, as well as institutes defined to be developed preferentially by Fujian Science and Technology Department. The Institute has a specialized technical personnel team, with 2 state-level experts, 1 candidate for “National Millions of Talents Program" at the first and second level, and 5 outstanding experts at provincial level. In this team there are 9 full professors, 10 associate professors, 10 members awarded with intermediate professional titles, 25 approved as Ph.D. supervisors and 9 as postgraduate supervisors. In terms of the staff's educational  background, 15 members have been awarded with doctor's degree and 19 with master's degree. Major Research Areas:
1. Treatment of intractable blood diseases;
2. Gene and gene therapy of hematologic neoplasm;
3. Cytokine and hemopoiesis regulation;
4. Plant's ingredients resistant to leukemia;
5. Hemopoietic stem cells and their transplantation. Main Research Achievements:
1. The research project on Human T -Cell Infection of Leukemia Virus won third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1997;
2. The research project on Biological Characteristics of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells and Their Influences on Regular Hematopoiesis and Leukemia Cells won second prize of Fujian Science and Technology Award in 2007 and first prize of Fujian Medical Science and Technology Award in 2007;
3. The research project on Function and Mechanism of ZnPcS2P2-mediated Photodynamic Therapy in Hematopoietic Malignancies won first prize of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award in 2008 and first prize of Fujian Medical Science and Technology Progress Award in 2008. Main Equipments and Devices:
377-DNA sequencers, OligopilotⅡDNA/RNA synthesizer, Purifier-100 protein purification system, 7500 quantitative real-time PCR, micro-ultraviolet spectrophotometer, flow cytometry, -86℃ ultra-low temperature freezer and flow cell sorter.