Fujian Research Institute of Endocrinology

Fujian Research Institute of Endocrinology, the largest specialized institute on endocrine and metabolic diseases in Fujian Province, has become the clinical, research and teaching center in this field in Fujian Province and has been listed by Fujian Department of Public Health as the key medical subject and defined by Fujian Department of Science and Technology as the institute to be preferentially developed. It is also responsible for training medical PhDs and masters in  internal medicine (major in endocrinology) in Fujian Medical University. By far, the institute has set up its own special wards with 37 beds in total and the number of inpatients and outpatients has increased year by year, on average with1000 person  times per year for the former and 80000 person times per year for the latter, both ranking first among institutions of the same field in Fujian Province. The institute has great advantages in the diagnosis and treatment of various endocrine and metabolic diseases, especially in diabetes, obesity, thyroid gland disorders and adrenal gland disorders and the sufficient clinical cases here provide a good guarantee for the smooth development of basic and clinical research. The institute has a strong staff of 14 physicians, among whom 5 are chief physicians (professors), 5 are associate chief physicians (associate  professors), 3 are physicians-in-charge and 1 is resident physician, one chief inspection technician and 1 inspection technician. Among them, there is 1 PhD supervisor, 3 postgraduate supervisors, 3 PhDs in medicine, 8 masters in medicine, 1 PhD candidate and 1 postgraduate candidate.

In terms of scientific research, the institute is now in the leading position in the basic and clinical research on thyroid gland  disorders, diabetes and vascular complications and obesity in Fujian Province. It is now undertaking 10 province-level, department-level and university-level research programs and has accomplished more than 10 programs granted by science fund of Fujian Province and different ministries and departments. On average more than 10 essays are published in different levels of academic publications every year.

Major research areas:
⑴ The research on molecular mechanism of obesity and insulin resistance
⑵ The research on the molecular biology of the pathogenesis and medication of thyroid gland disorders
⑶ The research on the apoptosis of pancreas β cell stimulated by oxidation and the medical protection mechanism. 
⑷ The study in the pathogenesis of diabetes and the chronic vascular complications. 

Major research achievements:
The curative effect of hypothyroidism treatment with the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine won the third prize of Fujian Science & Technology Progress Award in 1998. 

Main equipments and devices:

analytical balance, chemiluminescence immunoassay system, ultraviolet transmission analyzer,  digital-display electrophoresis apparatus, high speed tabletop centrifuge, automatic aqua bi-distilling apparatus, ultrasonic cell disruptor, ultrasonic cleaner, decolorization shaker, purification table, water bath thermo-rocker, high speed refrigerated tabletop centrifuge, nitrogen canister and low temperature refrigerator.