Fujian Research Institute of Abdominal Surgery

1. Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas Surgery: (1) Foreign medical sectors have mature experiences of liver transplant, but the problems of donor livers' post-operative rejection and complications remain unsolved. So far, the institute has the following key research subjects: living liver transplant, volume reduction transplant, combined organ transplant. (2)  Hepatolithiasis surgery usually is accompanied by a high rate of residual calculus. This is a complicated problem for domestic and foreign medical professionals. The in-surgery and post-surgery choledochoscope plus electrohydraulic micro-explosive lithotripsy should have a great potential. (3) The minimal invasive surgery has been applied to other abdominal surgeries besides laparoscopic cholecystectomy at home and abroad. Although, medical services in Fujian province in general is, rather weak in this regard, our institute is successfully performing minimal invasive surgeries of stomach, intestines, pancreas and thyroid gland, which have enjoyed high reputation in the society.

2. Gastrointestinal Surgery: Gastrointestinal cancer is the major malignancy occurring in our province. Our institute has spent 20  years making research in this field and has accumulated plenty of pathological, molecular biological and clinical data. We are now enjoying a high status in terms of basic research and clinical research in Fujian Province and are conducting extensive and multi-subject research in this field.

3. Vascular Surgery: Nowadays, the incidence of diabetes keeps high. It is extremely hard to find a therapy to patients with diabetic feet. Vascular surgical technologies in curing diabetes are very promising. We are trying to lead in this sector in Fujian province.

4. Research on Surgical Nutrition Support: Working in this sector for over 20 years, our institute is leading other counterparts in terms of enteral and parenteral nutrition support in Fujian province. So far the domestic and foreign research highlights are on special nutrients like growth hormone, glutamine, arginine OMEGA3, etc. Our institute has been working closely with counterparts in Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai to bring actual benefits in this regard.

5. Breast Surgery: Breast cancer incidence in China has multiplied. Early diagnosis and early treatment are prominent issues. We have accumulated various means in many years' diagnosis of breast cancer, including identifying more than 6000 cases with molybdenum and palladium filter. This accumulation and the recent acquisition of Mammotome (minimally invasive automatic biopsy system) will surely facilitate early diagnosis and breast conserving surgery.