Fujian Research Institute of Hepatobiliary Surgery

The centre has established 4 stable major research orientations: tumor pharmacology, neuro-pharmacology, microorganism and biochemical pharmacy, and nano-electrochemical biosensor. In these 5 years, the center has been the winner of  2 second prizes and 3  third prizes of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award; it has been granted 2  state patents ; it has published 150 and more research articles, among them 40 SCI articles; it has held  52  research programs of the state , the ministries and the province , including those financed by the State 863 Project and National Natural Science Fund. Currently, the major researches on drug candidates are: pre-clinical research of Class I new drug Triptolide against gastrointestinal cancer  ; pre-clinical research of the anti-cancer drug Injectio Carcidini; studies on Class I anti-cancer drug with a new type of molecularly targeted therapy in curing chronic myeloid leukemia; research on gelsemium alkaloid preparation in treating chronic pain, etc. The center has a whole complete set of equipment and facilities for molecular biology, gene engineering and medication research and development. It is a base for our school's science research and industrialization of laboratory findings.