Fujian Research Institute of Burns

Approved by People's Government of Fujian Province and established in 1998, Fujian Research Institute of Burns, previously Fujian Burns Laboratory established in 1978, was listed as the leading medical subject by Fujian Department of Public Health in 1998. It is now a comprehensive research institute of burns surgery in Fujian Province, integrating clinic, scientific research, teaching and training. It is the Burns Surgery Branch of Fujian Medical Association and attached to Fujian Burns Treatment Quality Control Centre.

The institute is also a training base for further learning program in Fujian Province and has the right to confer master’s degree to students majored in burns surgery in Fujian Medical University. In this institute, there are now 4 chief surgeons/professors, 4 associate chief surgeons/associate professors, 6 members of Fujian Branch of the Burns Surgery Society of Chinese Medical Association, among whom 3 are members of the standing committee. The subject leader, Professor Wu Boyu, is a member of the Burns Surgery Society of Chinese Medical Association and also a senior member of its Fujian Branch. Professor Wu is also an editor of the China Burns Journal   

The institute consists of two parts: the Clinical Department and the Research Department. In the Clinical Department, there are intensive care units, normal isolation wards, function rehabilitation center, special outpatient clinic and operating room for  wound surface treatment. The total cure rate of inpatients is over 98.6%, which is at the top level among domestic hospitals.  The institute also promotes early function rehabilitation and early prevention and cure of scars. In the Research Department, there are Laboratory of Cell Culture, Laboratory of Immunology, Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Skin Bank. The equipments in the laboratories are as follows: low temperature refrigerator, PCR amplification apparatus, fluorescence upright metallurgical microscope, inverted microscope, nucleic acid analyzer, CO2 incubator, refrigerated centrifuge, enzyme linked detector and Electrophoresis system. With these equipments, the institute is able to carry out studies on immunology, cytobiology and molecular biology and offer a big platform for postgraduate cultivation.

Combined with clinical application, the main researches at present are on: 1. burning treatment techniques, scar prevention  and rehabilitation; 2. the healing mechanism of wound surface and the medicine development for wound healing; 3. the molecular control mechanism of burns infection and inflammatory reaction; 4. research on Tissue Engineered skin and its  clinical application. In recent years, the institute has undertaken 14 programs granted by science fund of Fujian Province  and different ministries and departments. It has also taken part in 8 research programs and hosted14 phases of learning classes of state-level or province-level. Members of the institute have published more than 100 essays in different professional journals and won 1 third prize of the Fujian Science & Technology Progress Award and 2 third prizes of Fujian Medical Science & Technology Award.