Fujian Research Institute of Coronary Diseases

Authorized to award the master’s degree and the doctoral degree, Fujian Institute of Coronary Disease boasts a reasonable academic faculty structure and has set up laboratories of ultrasonic kinetocardiogram, animal experiment, and cellular and molecular biology. The institute is equipped with sophisticated devices for scientific research, such as echocardiograph, Image Pro computer  imaging system, inverted phase contrast fluorescence microscope, ultra low temperature freezer, refrigerated centrifuge, CO2 incubator, microtome, animal ventilator, RBP1 heart rate monitor, BLE-420 biofunction laboratory system, and a treadmill for experimental animals, etc.  

In recent three years, the staff members of the institute have undertaken 2 research projects of the state level, 3 research projects assigned by the ministries and commissions under the State Council, 7 research projects of provincial department level and 1 key project of Fujian Medical University. The institute has carried out a series of research:

1. The serial clinical studies on chronic myocardial ischemia, which involve the experimental studies on the prognosis and outcome of chronic hibernating myocardium, the myocardial damage after coronary microembolism and its mechanism, and the pretreatment and posttreatment of myocardial ischemia;

2. The serial clinical studies on cardiovascular intervention, which involve the studies on the PCI clinical application, the clinical application of catheter interventions for congenital heart disease, and the clinical application of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology;

3. The serial studies on cardiovascular ultrasonic medicine, which involve the movement and coordination studies of left ventricle with Free Angle Model(FAM) echocardiography and Doppler Tissue Imaging(DTI), the study of transthoracic coronary flow imaging, the study of SonoVue myocardial contrast echocardiography, and the study of virtual histology-intravascular ultrasound(VH-IVUS) imaging;

4. The research on the prevention and treatment of heart failure;

5. The research on the prevention and treatment of hypertension;

6. The research on cardiac muscle regeneration.

The achievements in all of these studies are remarkable, including 1 third prize of Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 second prize of the Fuzhou Science and Technology Progress Award and 1 second prize of the Fujian Medical Science Award. Moreover, the achievements of the  serial studies on chronic myocardial ischemia have reached the advanced international level. The members of the institute have published nearly 70 high quality research articles, among them, 10 articles published in SCI and EI journals with the impact factor of up to 20.85, and 20 articles published in CSCD journals. Meanwhile, they have published 10 academic monographs. The institute offers a good platform for master's and doctoral education and over 10 MDs and 40 masters have been cultivated in the institute in recent three years.