Fujian Research Institute of Neurosurgery

General Introduction:

Fujian Institute of Neurosurgery originates from FJMU Research Center of Neurosurgery. Established in early 2000 with the official approval of Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the institute  is an application-oriented institute integrating scientific research and teaching which is attached to Fujian Medical University and is subordinate to the Affiliated Union Hospital of FJMU. 

Main Research Areas:

Fujian Institute of Neurosurgery has set up laboratories for studies in central nervous system tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, congenital diseases, brains and spinal injury and electrophysiology. Its research areas mainly include: 1. pathogenesis and medication of central nervous system tumors; 2. pathogenesis of brains and spinal injury, pathogenesis and treatment of Pathophysiology; 3. the basic and clinical research on basicranial microsurgery, and the psychological research and functional study of the “forbidden zone for the living” in brainstem with neural endoscope. These studies establish a data base for microinvasion neurosurgery operations, and offer theoretical evidence to the keyhole surgery.  

Main Research Achievements:

Since its establishment, Fujian Institute of Neurosurgery has won 3 third prizes of Fujian Science & Technology Advancement Award, 1 second prize and 1 third prize of Fujian Medical and Health Technology Advancement Award. The institute has undertaken or taken part in 18 state-level, province-level and ministerial-level programs, among which 6 are important or key programs. The faculty has published more than 140 research papers in authorized science journals among which 4 are enlisted in SCI. The institute has recruited and cultivated 33 masters and 6 PhDs.