The Experimental Teaching Center in School of Medical Technology and Engineering
The School of Medical Technology and Engineering is one of the biggest schools in Fujian Medical University in terms of scale and enrollment. It consists of five departments, namely Laboratory Medicine, Anesthesiology, Medical Imaging, Ophthalmology and Optometry as well as Rehabilitation Therapeutics.

Approved by the School, the Experimental Teaching Center of Medical Technology was established in June, 2008. The Center is designed to promote the reform of education and teaching, to optimize the allocation of teaching resources, and to enhance unified leadership of the experimental teaching reform as well as the construction and administration of laboratories. The center has three experimental platforms: the Lab of Medical Testing, the Lab of Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Lab of Ophthalmology, Optometry, Medical Imaging and Anesthesiology. 

The Center is subject to the management of two levels (the university and the college, respectively), and independently developed in light of staffing and allocation of funds. The Center is directly administrated by the School of Medical Technology and Engineering, and adopts the director’s responsibility system, with one chief director and two deputy directors. The staff, finance and equipments are administrated with centralized control to avoid the unnecessary purchase of congener equipments, to save experimental budget and to increase efficiency. The Center now covers an area of 1,100 square meters, possesses 383 pieces of equipments and total assets of 3, 055, 300 RMB in value. In addition, it has 112 pieces of shared equipments with the value of 147, 625, 800 RMB. As to the staff, the Center has 141 teachers (fulltime and part-time) and 6 laboratory technologists.

At present, the Center undertakes all the experimental teaching courses of the five majors in the School, 1710 periods per academic year. It also provides experimental conditions for subject studies of part of the postgraduates. The Center develops a staffing system with a combination of fulltime and part time experimental teachers who are skilled in theoretical teaching, experimental teaching and scientific research, and professional and relatively stable laboratory staffs of high quality.

With the teaching philosophy of building a sound foundation, attaching great importance to integration, reflecting vanguard character, and highlighting creativity, along with the core of cultivating students’ innovative capacity, the Center has daringly established a curriculum system of experimental teaching, involving “Three Platforms”, i.e. the Lab of Medical Testing, the Lab of Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Lab of Ophthalmology, Optometry, Medical Imaging and Anesthesiology, and “Four Levels” targeted at specialized fundamentation, professional skills, specialized clinical practices, and the integration of research and creativity, respectively. Among the “Four Levels”, each of them consists of several independent experimental courses (modules), each of which in turn contains items that promote students’ comprehensive and innovative capacity. The stratified, multi-module and innovative experimental teaching system makes an original experimental teaching model in the School of Medical Technology and Engineering in that it is integrated with but relatively independent of theoretical teaching, emboding “Four Features” (autonomy, openness, practicalness and innovativeness) and “Three Combinations” (the combination of teaching and research, combination of theory and practice, combination of foundations and clinic practices).