The Experimental Teaching Center of Clinical Psychological Behavior

  Approved by FJMU, the Laboratory of Humanities and Social Sciences was established in December, 2004, and was then upgraded to the Experimental Teaching Center of Clinical Psychological Behavior in March, 2010.
Since its establishment, the Center has been sticking to the philosophy of resting on experimental teaching, supporting scientific research and providing services for both the university and community”. 
Every year a considerable sum of money is granted to the setup of the laboratory by the University and School to improve experimental teaching environment, to purchase instruments and equipments and to train the teaching staff. In 2005, the second year after its establishment, the Center underwent inspection from the Experts’ Group of Fujian Provincial Department of Education. The experts came to the agreement that the laboratory was the one with distinctive specialized features, high starting point and fast development. Therefore, the Experts’ Group suggested more emphasis be placed on its construction which would enable the Center to become one of the provincial model laboratories as soon as possible. The Center has been acclaimed in two assessments of undergarduate program, namely, the one for evaluating undergarduate program of Social Work in 2006 and the other for undergarduate program of Applied Psychology in the spring of 2008, and thereby successfully passed the evaluations.

After 6 years’ construction, the Center now covers an area of more than 700 square kilometres and consists of 8 laboratories, namely, the Basic Psychological Lab, Group Lab, Case-study Lab, Sand Table Room, Biofeedback Lab, Psychological Assessment Lab, Scenario Simulation Lab and Biopsychology Lab. The Center has 145 pieces of equipments, with an estimated total value of 927,590 RMB. In addition, the Center has sufficient budgets for maintenance and operation.
The Center is subject to a management system of two levels, in which its director is appointed by the University while its daily operation is in the charge of the School. At present, the Center has 22 full-time administrative and experimental teaching staff, among whom 8 (36%) are of senior titles, 9 (41%) of mid-level titles, 4 (18%) of junior titles, and 69% of Master’s degree or higher degree.

To date, the Center has been undertaking the teaching tasks and relevant work as follows:
1)The experimental teaching courses for undergraduates, such as General Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Psychometrics, Psychological Therapeutics, Social Case Work and Social Group Work;
2)The experimental teaching courses for postgraduates, such as Advanced Psychometrics and Advanced Cognitive Psychology;
3)General Psychology given by the School of Public Health;
4)Psychology-related services within and outside the campus, such as psychological test for freshmen, psychological monitoring for graduates, and assessment for professional psychology;
5)Responsibility for supervising the scientific researches on psychiatry and psychotherapeutics conducted by postgraduates from Master’s Program of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

All the above tasks benefit more than 3,000 students every year and have exterted favourable teaching effects and social benefits.

During the period of implementing the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”, apart from further development of the original teaching equipments and content, the Center will particularly focus on the construction of two advanced laboratories, namely, the Lab of Behavior Observation and Analysis and the Lab of Subconscious Psychology, which would improve the experimental teaching at the undergraduate level and bridge it with the research work at the postgraduate level as well. Based on the construction, the Center will become an advanced experimental laboratory with distinctive features.