The Experimental Teaching Center for Basic Medical Sciences

To meet the needs of medical professionals of the 21st century and to improve the comprehensive quality of students, FJMU started to reform the experimental teaching of basic medical sciences in 1998. Guided by the thought of resource sharing, the school reorganized the experimental teaching labs of various teaching & research departments into integrated experimental teaching labs of basic medical sciences, including Integrated Laboratory of Medical Functions, Integrated Laboratory of Morphology, Integrated Laboratory of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Integrated Laboratory of Pathogenic Biology, and Integrated Laboratory of Human Anatomy, all of which have passed the assessment of labs of core courses in regular schools of higher learning of Fujian province. In 2001, in pace with the development of medical education of the University, the former Department of Basic Medical Sciences was upgraded to School of Basic Medical Sciences, which then carried out overall reforms concerning experimental teaching contents in basic medical sciences in order to cultivate students' comprehensive quality, practical ability and creativity. By integrating experimental teaching contents and emphasizing the characteristics of the curricula, it has created five experimental teaching modules covering all experimental teaching contents in basic medical sciences, namely, Experimental Module of Human Anatomy (integrating experimental contents of systematic anatomy, regional anatomy and sectional anatomy), Experimental Module of Morphology (integrating experimental contents of cell biology, embryology and pathology), Experiment Module of Medical Functions (integrating experimental contents of physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology), Experiment Module of Molecular Medicine (integrating experimental contents of biochemistry, molecular biology and medical genetics) and Experimental Module of Biology & Immunology (integrating experimental contents of parasitology, microbiology and immunology). In the individual modules, comprehensive and design & research-oriented experiments gain more emphasis than verification experiments, which greatly improves the experimental teaching level of basic medical sciences. Meanwhile, the Office of Experimental Teaching Resources is established to optimize the use of resources, and on the basis of the integrated labs mentioned above five experimental teaching platforms have been accordingly established to improve the experimental teaching management here.

As a support for its construction, the Center, accredited as a key laboratory of 211 Project, a provincial key laboratory, a provincial key discipline and a provincial experimental teaching laboratory, has been granted with sufficient funds to purchase a number of advanced teaching instruments, which has greatly improved the teaching environment and the technical level of the experiment, realizing a leap-forward development in laboratory construction. In December 2005, the Experimental Teaching Center for Preclinical Medicine of Fujian Medical University was officially established, whose construction is in accordance with national standards for experimental teaching demonstration centers set by the Ministry of Education. In December 2006, it was approved as the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Preclinical Medicine in Fujian province.

With the construction of the experimental teaching center, the experimental teaching quality has been greatly improved. The faculty of the center has undertaken 20 teaching or research projects at ministerial, provincial or university levels respectively, collecting funds amounting to 177,000 yuan and has received seven awards for teaching achievements. Among them, in 2005, " The Establishment of Three-dimensional Experimental Teaching Model for Pathology" won the first prize for Teaching Achievements in Higher Education in Fujian Province and the special prize for Teaching Achievements in Fujian Medical University; in 2001, “The Establishment and Construction of Discipline Group for Molecular Medicine in Fujian Medical University” won the first prize for Teaching Achievements in Higher Education in Fujian Province and the special prize for Teaching Achievements in Fujian Medical University; in 2001, "The Reform of Experimental Course of Physiologic Sciences," won the second prize for Teaching Achievements in Fujian Province. The faculty has mainly participated in the compilation of 4 teaching materials for experimental courses, respectively published by People's Medical Publishing House and Fujian Science & Technology Publishing House, complied 13 teaching materials on their own and published 64 papers in such journals as China Higher Medical Education. In 2001, a teacher-training class was held on “The Reform of Experimental Course of Medical Functions”, with 38 professionals from medical universities and colleges in and outside the province attending the class. In 2005, a seminar was organized on "National Experimental Technology of Physiology & Experimental Course of Medical Functions", more than 60 teachers from medical universities and colleges attending a 7-day training. Since 2001, a total of nine batches of teachers from medical institutes in Shandong, Guangxi, Beijing, Hainan and Gansu have visited the center, exchanging experience in experimental teaching.