The Development & Planning Office (DPO)

Under the direction of the Party Committee and executives of university administration, DPO is the institute of brainpower and assistants of the university leaderships, responsible for formulating the macro, strategic, comprehensive and trans-departmental development plan and other significant decision-making. Established in September 2009, the DPO has four staff members of department level.

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Address: 1 Xue Yuan Road ,University Town ,FuZhou Fujian
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1、The DPO organizes and coordinates project determinations, researches, proof、planning, making and implementation of major trans-departmental programs.
2、Centering on the university’s development targets and central tasks, DPO revises and improves policies, regulations of the university with the cooperation of related departments.
3、The DPO updates itself with the status of foreign and domestic higher medical education, the law and tendency of its development before carrying out researches on strategic development, administration mode, university system and operating mechanism.
4、The DPO offers advisory information concerning program planning, policy proposals and decision making for the reform and development of the university according to the requirement of economic and social development after practical research.
5、The DPO arranges and coordinates the surveys of the university’s overall developing plans, program  designs.

6、Plans of the special programs and institutes.
7、The DPO shall finish any tasks assigned by the administrative department.