The Office of Science and Technology Development

  With the support and care of the superior leaders, the collaboration of relevant departments in the school and the joint efforts made by all the scientific and technological personnel of the school, our scientific and technological work has made significant progress. We have 56 scientific research institutes, including the National Base for Drug Clinical Trial, 2 key subjects of the provincial “211 Project”, 3 key subjects of Provincial Education Department, 8 priority subjects of Provincial Science and Technology Department, 6 provincial key medical specialties, 5 leading special subjects of medicine at the provincial level and 4 key laboratories of Provincial Education Department.


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During the past 10 years, we have undertaken a large number of scientific research tasks, and made remarkable progress. Nearly 500 achievements in scientific research have been appraised and won more than 350 scientific awards of all types. Among which, we won over half of the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards that are granted to the health system.

We have formed our own characteristics and advantages and made  achievements in the research work in Venom, hematology, molecular biology of cancer, molecular biology of infection and immunity, molecular neurobiology and hypertension. Our Acutase Injection is the first antithrombotic agent of Venom in China and has been regarded as one of the key scientific programs presented to China’s 50th anniversary by People’s Government of Fujian Province and listed as one of the Provincial Industry-Academia-Research Key projects.

Until now, it has obtained NMPN (national medicine permission number), Category II New Drug and has been put into production. Academic Journals edited and published by our school, including Journal of Fujian Medical University, Journal of Fujian Medical University (version of social science), Journal of Hypertension and Chinese Journal of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Medicine, are published publicly both at home and abroad.

Our school actively conducts the communication and exchange with foreign countries and enhances the international academic, educational and scientific collaboration. In recent years, more than 240 teachers and doctors have been sent to over 20 foreign countries or regions such as the United Stated and Great Britain to observe, lecture, and study. At the same time, more than 300 experts from foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions have paid visits to our university, lectured, researched and done other academic activities here. We also have collaborative relationship with many medical institutions in Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Canada and other foreign countries.