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 Founded in 1937, the library is the university’s center of literature resource, the  academic institute for teaching, scientific research and medical services and an important base for academic and social information exchange. Its main tasks are1) To construct literature information resources consisting of both real library collections and virtual network resources to scientifically process, sort, manage and maintain resources;2) To manage the circulation, transmission and reference service of resources, to develop literature information resources positively and to provide literature information services;3) To conduct information skills education to develop readers’ information awareness and the abilities to obtain and use information;4) To organize and coordinate the whole of the university’s information resources work for the optimal allocation of information resources;5) To play an active role in the construction of literature security system, to realize the joint -development and sharing of information and to conduct various collaborative, cooperative and academic activities for the purpose of promoting the overall development of the cause.
Currently, the university has 150,000 enrolled students. The school library is composed of three parts—the Shangjie Campus Library , the Taijiang Campus Library and the four branch libraries in directly affiliated hospitals (First Affiliated Hospital, Second Affiliated Hospital, Affiliated Union Hospital and Affiliated Stomatological Hospital), with an overall floorage of 28 thousand square meters. It has a total collection of 1.5 million volumes comprising 0.792 million paper volumes and 0.958 million digital volumes. Now the library has developed a collection system with characteristics of Fujian Medical University, featuring the modern medicine and biology collection which is supplemented by the human and social sciences collection. The library in the main campus was honored by the State Health and Education Department as the provincial central library of the national medicine library and literature resources sharing network in April, 1991.
Located in Shangjie Town, Minhou County of Fuzhou, Shangjie Campus Library is the core library of the university. Completed in September 2007, it covers an area of 20.04 thousand square meters with a total collection of one million volumes. The building is divided into three sections of office area, service area and multi-function area. There are 6 reading rooms with 1200 seats and 256 reader-use computers, in which books can be stored, read and borrowed. There is also a school history exhibition hall and a life science hall. The completion of Shangjie Campus Library marks a further step in the hardware facility construction for the library and the entire university, offering a better service platform for teaching, scientific research, medical treatment and management and giving a strong support for our university to ascend among China’s advanced provincial medical universities.


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Completed in June, 1986, Taijiang Campus Library is situated at the southern foot of Wushan Mountain in Fuzhou city with an area of 5560 square meters. It is divided into an office area and service area. There are 6 reading rooms with 800 seats, 6 open-shelves stock rooms and 60 reader-use computers.
Under overall planning, the two libraries have complementary functions, the Shangjie Campus Library catering for fundamental education, scientific research and student services in the new campus while Taijiang Campus Library catering for clinical teaching, scientific research and student services.
Shangjie Campus Library adopts the “Expanded Circulation” management mode which is widespread at home and abroad currently in its literature information service and management. The “Expanded Circulation” is a significant mark of human-based management of modern libraries and an important measure of the library management reformation. The management mode has fundamental characteristics of weakening management, strengthening services and readers-orientation. The collections in the library are on open shelves. They are generally sorted into different subject groups, books and periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages placed together. The electronic search desks are distributed into each reading room so that readers can pick up and search for books more conveniently. Readers, teachers or students, are treated equally in borrowing and returning books. The library has also made a full use of the space to accommodate more bookshelves and seats. In addition, the stack capacity has been improved obviously and the layouts become more reasonable, which renders readers an easier access to the literatures. The new library has been equipped with various kinds of modern intelligent devices to adapt to the Big Circulation management mode and to create an ideal borrowing and reading environment for readers, which has fully demonstrated the “human-oriented” management philosophy.
Under the leadership of the school Party and government, based on the university’s “Eleventh Five Year Plan”, the library has been earnestly adhering to the principle of providing services for teaching, scientific research and medical treatment. It reforms with keen determination, strengthens fundamental functions, enhances management, makes explorations and innovations and radically promotes all the work, striving to make the library the university’s literature information center for teaching, scientific research and medical treatment and to ascend FJMU among China’s advanced provincial medical universities.