English ( Four-year Program)

Educational Objectives:To cultivate application-oriented talents equipped with solid basic English language knowledge, proficient English language skills, and related professional knowledge of preclinical medicine and clinical medicine, and capable of working in such fields as translation, interpretation or teaching in establishments of  medical and health care, scientific research, foreign affairs, cultural exchange, press and publication, and teaching.

Main Subjects:English Language and Literature, Medicine

Main Courses:Comprehensive English, English Phonetics, English Pragmatics, English Grammar, English Listening, English Extensive Reading, Spoken English, Foundational Writing in English, Translation Theory and Practice, Advanced English, English Interpretation, History of English and American Literature and Selected Readings, Introduction to English Speaking Countries, Introduction to Intercultural Communication, Introduction to English linguistics, English Medical Terminology and Selected Readings, Medical Spoken English, Translation and Writing for Medical English, English Thesis Writing, Introduction to Preclinical Medicine, Introduction to Clinical Medicine.

Degree Awarded:Bachelor of Arts

Employment Orientation:The graduates can apply for a job concerning such fields as foreign affairs, translation, interpretation, English editing or teaching and research.