The Labor Union

  Its full name is Fujian Medical University Committee of Educational Workers’ Labor Union of China (hereinafter Labor Union for short) and was established in the early days of foundation of China. In July, 1980, the first Congress of Workers was convened and so far there have been seven meetings. Since the third Labor Union representative assembly in 1989, the Labor Union representative assembly and the faculty and staff representative assembly are held simultaneously. As a day-to-day working organization of the faculty and staff representative assembly, the Labor Union participates in preparing all the work for the assembly and implementing all the decisions adopted in the meetings after the assembly is closed.


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Currently, there are 894 members (all on the main campus) in the labor union and 10 offices, logistics or departments (according to the 90th document issued by Fujian Labor Union of the Provincial General Labor Union [1990], at present the affiliated hospital unions are managed under the local administration as well as under the jurisdiction of the Committee directly under the General Labor Union of Fuzhou City).