The Office of Educational Administration

 The Office of Educational Administration is engaged in full-time undergraduate teaching general management functions. It’s aim is to consistently uphold  the guiding ideology of "follow the law of education, deepening teaching reform, strengthening quality education, foster innovation, strict management of teaching, improve teaching quality,", The center of quality of personnel training and the basic of teaching construction ,as the basis for teaching management as a means to deepen educational reform, undergraduate education to promote school reform and development.


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1. Formulate the overall school development plan undergraduate teaching, professional development plans and course construction planning.
2. Organization undergraduate school settings, adjustments and the right to grant new bachelor's degree evaluation, the school's professional building inspection and professional certification and evaluation.
3. Organization System (Amendment) to provide undergraduate programs of professional personnel training, course syllabus and all kinds of teaching management documents, and organizations.
4. Organize undergraduate courses and build a sound platform for the school curriculum information to carry out assessment of curriculum construction.
5. Responsible for the arrangement of the teaching calendar, the task of teaching as required, the organization of all aspects of the implementation process of teaching, management and inspection to ensure the normal operation of the order of teaching.
6. Organize the construction of public school elective courses and management, responsible for public elective mandate the teaching arrangement, arranging, and course selection and so on.
7. To be responsible for undergraduate education and teaching workload of audit work.
8. Also responsible for the school teaching resources (classrooms, teaching laboratories, practice teaching base, etc.) co-ordination and deployment, is responsible for the coordination of undergraduate course arrangement.
9. Further responsible for the electronic registration of undergraduate student enrollment, school up in the school undergraduates, graduate education registration student status management, and performance management, graduate diploma qualification and production, distribution work.
10. Organization undergraduate, adult education graduate degree qualification awarded; responsible for the production and issuance of work degree certificate; responsible for undergraduate, adult education degree electronic registration.
11. The office will be responsible for the graduated, junior college students academic record and achievements, educational background, degree verification work.
12. The organization of professional practice base construction and management practices; responsible for the construction of clinical teaching and evaluation; responsible for the clinical teaching faculty and teaching management personnel; Organization of professional practice teaching, practice teaching is responsible for quality control work.
13. Organize the work of the Joint Director of Clinical Teaching and Research Conference; responsible for coordinating the clinical teaching and daily inspection and quality control; responsible for non-directly affiliated hospitals, teaching hospitals, teaching evaluation.
14. Responsible for clinical teaching centers construction and management skills, organizational basis for teaching clinical medicine.
15. Organizations to develop professional practice, experiment, curriculum design, as well as graduate design practice teaching plans and guidance documents, and organize implementation.
16. The examination of the teaching units of professional development, curriculum development, teaching laboratory development planning and construction program, participating organizations, laboratory evaluation.
17. Organizational assessment of undergraduate education course work Examination; professional organization of clinical medicine based courses and specialized courses for the whole school uniform examinations and clinical medicine departmental rotation theory test, final examination (theory test and the objective structured clinical examination), the state four six English exam, the National College English Test forty-eight level of computer application and the provincial level exam students, adult education degree courses and examinations.
18. The organization required course for school construction and maintenance of test database update; organization of undergraduate examinations required course work.
19. To be responsible for monitoring the quality of the undergraduate teaching school, responsible for the development of indicators of teaching evaluation and teaching quality security system; organize the evaluation of teaching, peer teaching assessment; organization of the teaching process of inspection and quality evaluation; Teaching Supervision Organization ; organizations on campus undergraduate teaching evaluation; organization appraised of the teaching activities; responsible for the investigation of teaching errors and accidents.
20. Responsible for developing school materials construction planning, materials selection system, approval and implementation of the selected program materials, handouts, printing, teaching quality assurance, responsible for teaching subscriptions, bidding and purchasing and distribution and so on.
21. Organize teaching and research work; organization teaching quality and teaching reform project reporting and evaluation, and guidance of project construction, etc.; responsible for the education reform project project management, inspection and identification and assessment of learning outcomes, reward and promotion .
22.The organization of teaching the rules and regulations, management of documents, work specifications, quality standards of the system (revising) the work, organize the implementation after approval.
23. The office is responsible for undergraduate teaching of statistical data reported to work; responsible for the collection, statistical analysis of various teaching status data, make recommendations on the problems for leadership decision-making.
24. Responsible for the task of teaching school notices, curriculum, teaching schedules, printing of examination papers.
25. Also responsible for the management team to strengthen the construction of teaching (teaching management training, training, etc.); actively promote the modernization of management, and constantly improve the school integrated educational management systems.
26. Responsible for undergraduate teaching of special funds budget and distribution plan, and to help check the effectiveness of the use of funds.
27. To help departments and colleges held various academic, cultural, arts, sports and other activities of the second class; assist with the basic conditions for running schools (classrooms, teaching laboratories, etc.) construction; assist with the recruitment, education, employment, student rewards and punishments recommended for graduate students and faculty building exemption and so on.
28. To complete arrangements for other schools.