The Graduate School

   The Postgraduate School is the functional department in charge of the degree and postgraduate education work of the school. It is responsible for the implementation of state policies and regulations over degree conferment and postgraduate education, and the specific organization and practicing of enrolment, education, and cultivation of postgraduates, and the conferment of degrees.
At present, there are 22 third-level course MD degree authorization orders, 59 third-level course Master authorization orders, 2 Master Degree Programs (Clinics and Oral Medicine), 2 centers for post-doctorial studies (Clinics and Preclinical Medicine), 4 provincial excellent postgraduate programs (Medical Molecular Biology, Senior Pathology, Neurology and Pharmacology), 7 provincial postgraduate education innovation bases ( Medicine, Surgery, Neurology, Pharmacy, Preclinical Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology and Oral Medicine). There are in total 65 in-service doctorial supervisors, 450 Maters’ supervisors. And every year there are more than 60 Ph.D. candidates, over 600 Master degree candidates (including those of professional degree) and 240 seven-year-program clinic students being enrolled. Currently, there are 2300 full-time postgraduates (including Ph.D. candidates, Master degree candidates and seven-year-program clinic students in the sixth or seventh academic year), more than 300 part-time postgraduates, scattering in the 42 postgraduate cultivation institutions in various parts of the province. At the same time, a non-degree postgraduate education is actively carried out, and continuing study courses of postgraduates in various majors are also opened.
Degrees and postgraduate education adheres firmly to education quality, targets on talents cultivation, regulates postgraduate education the management system continuously, strengthens the building of tutor team, and explores as well as improves the cultivation of creative talents. We have enhanced the joint cultivation program with foreign countries, selected and sent the outstanding Master degree candidates and Ph.D. candidates to the key laboratories both at home and abroad so as to conduct subject study. Since 2000, we have won 26 Fujian Provincial Excellent Doctorial Thesis Awards, including 6 first prizes, 9 second prizes and 11 third prizes. The Relations between Inhibition of Novobiocin on Proliferation of Bcr-Abl+Leukemia Cells and Disruption of Hsp90 Chaperone Activity written by the pharmacologist in our school, Dr. WU Lixian (Xu Jianhua as the tutor), has been nominated as one of 100 National Excellent Doctorial Dissertations in 2009.
According to the social development’s demand for high-level talents, Postgraduate Affairs Division shall lay out mid-term and long-term plans for the college degree and postgraduate education of Fujian Medical University, draw a blueprint for 12th Five-Year Plan’s development, open up a new situation for college degree and postgraduate education, so as to promote the construction of the university to be a key university in China and the development of Economic Zone on the Western Coast of Taiwan Strait , and to cultivate and bring up more outstanding and creative medical talents for the development of the National Medicine and Health Care undertaking.

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The Party Committee of Postgraduate School is mainly functional in organizing the reform of postgraduate education in the whole university, conducting college degree and postgraduate education research, taking part in the university’s decision on issue of postgraduate education development. It is responsible for the research, formulation of college degree and implementation of the mid-term, long-term and annual enrollment plan of postgraduate education, under the guidance of the state plan, development in science and technology, social demand and conditions of possibility, and it is also responsible for the organization and actualization of those works After receiving the approval from the university. It shall formulate, organize, and implement all the rules and regulations of college degree and postgraduate education, examine and elevate the performance in implementing the rules and regulations and the work of postgraduate education and degree conferment, in order to guarantee the quality of postgraduate education. It shall be responsible for the management of ideological and political education of the postgraduates and their employment-guiding. It shall take part in the subject construction, be in charge of the making out and declaration work of master programs and doctorial programs and strengthen the construction and management of all master and doctorial programs together with other institutions (hospitals). It shall organize the selection and examination of all the Ph.D. or Master Candidates’ supervisors in respective Subjects for Masters and for Doctors.