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1. The financial and economic policies and management regulations established by the Party and the State must be thoroughly carried out. The financial management should be subject to Accounting Law of People’s Republic of China, Financial Regulations of Institutions, Financial System of Colleges & Universities, Accounting Standards of Institutions (trial), Accounting System of Colleges & Universities (trial) and superior financial management regulations.
2. In accordance with superior financial and economic policies and provisions and considering the actual situations of the university, Finance Department establishes management regulations and rules for implementation to guarantee the correct execution of all the financial policies of the Party and the State. At the same time, the department promotes the financial system widely to enhance people’s self-consciousness to obey the rules and to maintain financial disciplines with economical behaviors instead of extravagance and waste.
3. Under the provisions in Suggestions on Promoting the Reformation of University-level and College-level Management Systems of Fujian Medical University, the financial institutions should be of scientific configuration for the promotion of the construction and development of the university and the development of university undertaking. In order to improve financial management level, job-related duties should be assigned, university financial mechanism should be perfected and internal system management should be enhanced.
4. The Finance Department is responsible for the receiving, paying, accounting and managing of funds for education, scientific research, budget and other escrowed funds of the university as well as the auditing, receiving and paying, bill-making, bank clearing, account keeping and settling, the applying and issuing of salary, scholarships, student loans and work-study fund, and the reporting of all kinds of fiscal statements.
5. The Finance Department is responsible for the compilation of various financial planning as well as budget reporting, fund allocation, and supervision on the appropriate execution of the budget. The department should consolidate the financial reform, enhance financial analysis, and summarize the experience to accomplish the management. Besides, the department must regularly report the execution of financial planning to the leaders of the university as a financing adviser for them to make use of the capital to the largest extent.
6. The Finance Department is also in charge of financial accounting and settlement of the university. With cooperation of each accounting posts, the department should carry out precise accounting, and give true statistics. The work should be rigorous, accurate, fast and careful. At the same time, the department must do well with the financial settlement which means to clear and settle the accounts of financial revenues and expenditures annually, analyze the execution of financial planning and make a report to the teachers’ representative assembly.
7. The department is responsible for the management of bank deposit and cash holdings. In accordance with the management system of cash and bank account, the department should enhance the interior control to guarantee the safety of the capital, set up settling center for fund provision and management and make good use of the university fund.
8. In order to enhance the construction of the financial group and raise the ideological standards and profession level, the staff in Finance Department should learn more about the political theories to raise their political caliber and self-consciousness and to guarantee their purification and qualification ideologically and politically. The department should carry out projects for training and further study to raise the profession level and enhance ethic construction to guarantee the service and upgrade the service quality and level. The department also actively finishes other tasks assigned by the leaders.