The Office of Logistics Service

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Address:1 Xue Yuan Road ,University Town ,FuZhou Fujian
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1、The Office of Logistics Service is responsible for the school’s house property, the staff’s housing system reform and the management, maintenance and restoration of public housing. It also collaborates with relative departments to use and allocate offices occupancy, educational occupancy and students housing reasonably.
2、It is responsible for the management and maintenance of school’s combination room, as well as the purchase, maintenance and management of furniture.
3、It is also responsible for the regular supply of water and electricity, as well as the maintenance, computation and management of water and electricity facilities.
4、It is responsible for campus landscaping and management of environmental hygiene through growing and protecting plants, keeping the classroom buildings, research buildings, office buildings, students’ hostels and other public places sanitary as well as keeping the combination rooms and major roads in the university clean. 
5、It is responsible for the use, management and maintenance of school vehicles, in order to ensure the vehicle offered for the use in teaching, scientific research, medical treatment and other important activities and for the convenience of faculty, students and staff.
6、It is responsible for students’ canteens and faculty and staff’s canteens on campus, providing catering for the whole faculty, students and staff.
7、It collaborates with relative departments to carefully organize and manage the work of patriotic public health, planting and greening, family planning, epidemic prevention, physical examination of teachers and students, second-level health care, environmental protection, voluntary labor and students’ work –and-study activities.
8、It signs service and management contracts with service centers (Party B) on behalf of the university (Party A), and accomplishes the work of supervision, inspection and evaluation on service centers to guarantee and constantly improve their service quality.
9、It plans for the development of campus logistics system, annual projects and budgets of overhauling projects.
10、It completes any other tasks assigned by the university.