The Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management

 Office of Laboratory and Equipment Management carry out official affairs jointly under the direct leadership of the Party Committee and the “Principal-in-Charge”, set up equipment supply room, laboratory and equipment management office, experimental Animal Center. 2 colonel agencies, a provincial agency, including: Fujian Provincial Committee of University Technology substances, The committees of construction and management teaching laboratory 、The committees of management experimental animals. The Department is responsible for construction and management teaching laboratory, supply of technical material equipment, management equipment, construction and management the center of animals (Including "Experimental Zoology" teaching work and research).


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Under the leadership of the school Party Committee and leaders, accordance principle of "unified leadership, centralized management, levels of responsibility, effective combination" the Department is in charge of laboratory management, and school technical equipment supply and management. The scope of responsibility is as follows:
1、According No.20 enacted by former State Education Commission and the guidelines, policies, decrees and rules and regulations of the related materials work. Based on the actual conditions of the university, organization the preparation of school programs and teaching laboratory equipment purchase and implement the construction planning. Organizing construction, management and technical materials supply work of laboratories.
2、The Department is responsible for supervising and urging work It is in charge of inspection , demonstration and benefit evaluation of the application plan of university’s equipment; It is responsible for plan, order, purchase, storage, transportation, supply, allocation, general checkup on the fixed assets, the disposal and recycling of the scrapped equipments, and daily management of teaching, scientific research, medical equipment and administrative office equipment. Dangerous Goods and easy system to do the purchase of drugs, approval, filing, procurement, together with Security Department to do dangerous and easy to produce drug-safety supervision and management; management system in accordance with the second level of management to do the work of school equipment including equipment Jian Zhang, allocation, maintenance, scrap and recycling, etc.; with the relevant departments and capital verification work.
3. The introduction of foreign facilities should be carefully conducted. Various formalities, documents and applications about import business are also processed by the department. Together with relevant units, it is in charge of personnel training and technical assistance from foreign experts and scholars; of the installation, delivery and testing of large equipment; and of claims and related issues of the equipment under warranty.
4、The Department is responsible for formulating laboratory construction plans,including checking, supervising, improving and implementing laboratory regulations; budgeting laboratory construction programs、teaching operating、equipment operating and evaluating facility solution should be well done with departments
5、The Department is responsible for management and feed processing of animal-raising for medical tests; All the daily management and raising work of SPF and common mice laboratories and feeding and breeding rooms should be strictly conducted according to the established procedures to ensure the quality and quantity of SPF and common mice. The Department should also assist school Animal Management Association to instruct and supervise animal laboratories to guarantee the various animals up to the standard.
6、The Department is responsible for “Laboratory Animal Science” teaching of post graduates and undergraduates and completing animal experiment with scientific research personnel and , the technology platforms of Provincial laboratory animals and animal experimental, actively expand their business, provide experimental animals for the relevant units, animal experiments technical services and personnel training
7、The construction of professional technical personnel should be strengthened; business evaluation system should be established. Manager of construction laboratory teams , including focusing on the allocation, training, examination, rewards and punishments and position assessment of laboratory personnel.
8、The work of affiliated institutions should be well done.  including: Fujian Provincial Committee of University Technology substances, The committees of construct and management teaching laboratory 、The committees of management experimental animals and The committees of school animal ethics .
9、Statistical report about  Laboratory and equipments should be carefully done according to the superior authorities. Other work assigned by university leaders should be well done.