Office of Information

 The Office of Information was set up in Apr. 25, 2006, is an important organization of the university IT application and digital campus construction. At the beginning of its establishment, the information center shared an office with the library. On Dec.15, 2009, the information center was identified as a division level institution (Fujian Medical University [2009] No.382) and no longer shared an office with the library. Currently, the office address is in the 5th floor of library in Shangjie Campus of Fujian Medical University.
There are 6 staff operating in the center, including a director and a deputy director, among which two have senior titles, three middle-level titles and one primary title. Three have a Master’s degree, accounting for 50% of the total number. All the people in the center are college graduated or above.

Contact Us

Address:1 Xue Yuan Road ,University Town ,FuZhou Fujian
Postal Code: 350108
Tel :0591-22862529



Main responsibilities
1. Under the guidance of the IT application leading group, the office works out the development plan of educational informationi and, advance university IT applications. This is done by implementing the educational information and work ethos of the Ministry of Education and Fujian Province Education Department; and developing and coordinating various information resources of the university. Striving to constantly enrich international information, offering information support and guarantees for teaching, scientific research and management.
2. Under the guidance of IT application leading group, the office is in charge of the planning, construction and management of digital campus, fostering digital campus applications positively and offering technical support and consultation for various business offices and digital campus management solutions.  
3. The office is also in charge of network infrastructure planning, design and optimization of campus information, the technical demonstration of network construction solutions, and the organizing of network programs and manage the costs and quality of the programs. Also, to assist relevant organization of the university by helping to implement network infrastructure construction, and to carry out project supervision and project acceptance.
4. Be in charge of the campus network, unified exit management of network (including dormitory network) and management and maintenance of backbone network devices (including Router, core switch, fire wall and malware defences) in order to guarantee the connection between campus network and the Internet, the availability of internal network and the security of network information. To record, preserve and back up the system operation records for the integrity, reliability and security of system operation materials.
5. It is in charge of the planning, construction, management, maintenance and security supervision of information and data center; manage and regulate servers and storage devices of various units in the university.
6. Assist related departments to formulate and implement the rules and regulations of information security and network management, to concretely carry out technical work of information security, to build defense systems for network information security, to prevent the spread of unhealthy and illegal information, and to safeguard the orderly operation of   network, and the legitimate rights and interests of the users. Strengthen the regulation and management of campus network BBS, and take preventive measures from harmful information technology; assist other information departments to find out, delete and block harmful information.
7. Be in charge of distribution, registration, management and maintenance of network application system account (including domain name, IP address, mail system, VPN system, Unified Identity Authentication System, office automation system and related business system about IP application and digitalization) and IT application and digitalization on campus. To assist the security department to register users’ information and to carry out a real-name registration system to strengthen united centralized management of the university network and network users.
8. Improve the management system of all sorts of information on university network; design, uphold and manage university website for the sake of information security and campus management, teaching and scientific research service; design, uphold and manage information center website; accept some legal link applications, offering technical support and service for the units which need website construction.
9. Manage network users’ operation; accept users’ internet surfing application; conduct users’ accounts management (registration, counting, and filing); respond to users’ application in time; offer technical support and consultation for network users and solve network errors or network link modification application; constantly enrich service contents, enlarge network capacity, upgrade technology and direct other units for the LAN construction based on the need of campus network users; carry out information technology and application service inside and outside the campus.
10. Strengthen talent training and improve the business operation ability and scientific research ability by tracking the latest development in science and technology of computer information; carry out theory and practice research of IT application construction on campus, deepening the modern IT application in teaching and management; organize modern information technology training for teachers, students and managers of the university.
11. Complete other tasks appointed by the university.