Preventive Medicine (Five-year Program)

Educational Objectives:To cultivate professionals of public health who are both well-equipped with basic theories and skills in preventive medicine, and capable of working in the field of preventive services in such departments as those of disease prevention and control, health inspection, medical care, and other relevant medical and public health institutions.

Main Subjects:Preclinical Medicine, Preventive Medicine

Main Courses:Biochemistry,Pathogenic Biology,Physiology,Pathology,Cell Biology,Human Anatomy,Histology and Embryology,Pharmacology,Diagnostics,Internal Medicine,Surgery, Hygienic Statistics,Epidemiology,Environmental Hygiene,Nutrition and Food Hygiene,Labor Hygiene and Occupational Medicine,Child and Teenager Health,Health Service Administration, Loemology, Hygienic Chemistry, Hygienic Toxicology. 

Employment Orientation:The graduates can apply for a job concerning such fields as disease prevention and control, scientific research and teaching in hospitals, centers for disease control and prevention, medical care institutions and medical schools.

Graduate Employment Rate in Recent Years:91.9% in 2007, 94.9% in 2008, and 100% in 2009.