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The School of Adult Education in Fujian Medical University started in 1987 and the Adult Education Department was established in 1996. With the support of the school’s comprehensive strength and strong social demand, the Department is committed to high-quality teaching and cultivation of qualified healthcare professionals. After over 20 years of development, it has produced a large number of graduates in Fujian Province and has established a characteristic multi-disciplinary adult education system at different levels. Its present focuses are academic credentials education, continuing education and self-study examination.
Academic Credentials Education: There are eleven programs, including Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Imageology, Medical Laboratory, Anesthesiology, General Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Healthcare Management,Stomatology, Technology of Health Inspection and Quarantine, which are offered in the spare time and grant qualified graduates an associate degree or a bachelor degree. At present, there are more than 8,500 students on these programs.
Continuing Education: With the improvement of the lifelong education system, the Adult Education Department, as the provincial medical base for continuing education, intends to make full use of various resources to promote continuing education and to provide good learning platforms and services for health care personnel at all levels and of different kinds.
Self-study Examination: Fujian Medical University is authorized to give self-study examinations in some subjects, such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Preventive Medicine, Healthcare Management, Nutrition, Food and Health, the last one being the pilot subject for examination system reform. In 2003, it was approved by Fujian Provincial Self-study Examination Office to provide learning assistance for the examinees.