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The School boasts an excellent teaching and research faculty of 35 members (full-time and part-time), including 18 professors and associate professors. With the great importance it has attached to improving the academic level of the teachers, the School is fairly competitive in the research on such subjects as philosophy, medical philosophy, medical aesthetics, medical affairs and social work, medical ethics and psychology. In addition, the School has paid much attention to the links between humanities and medicine, and the expansion of related interdisciplinary subjects. In recent years, the teachers have undertaken 16 scientific research projects, published more than 200 papers on various periodicals at home and abroad, and compiled 30 academic monographs and textbooks either independently or cooperatively. The School has invited many well-known experts and professors from the United States, Japan, Sweden, Australia, Austria and other countries to give lectures and conduct cooperative research in the University, while its teachers have participated in a number of domestic and international academic conferences and joint researches, so its international exchanges have been boosted in a wide scope.