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School Motto: People-first, truth- seeking, innovation and perfection.

The Department of Marxism and Leninism was established in 1956 and later renamed the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2006, against the backdrop of the educational and teaching reform and development, the School of Humanities was founded on the basis of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. By putting its advantageous humanities and social sciences teaching resources into full play, this emerging school which combines talents cultivating, public and specialized courses teaching with scientific research, caters to the needs of the strategic planning of the University on modern medical education development, and aims to tap new disciplines overlapped in both humanities and social sciences and medicine, and achieve mutual complementarity and balance between professional education and humanistic education.
The School boasts satisfactory teaching facilities and a good environment for working and learning, with a library composed of more than 15,000 books and over 100 sorts of periodicals. It consists of 2 departments(the Applied Psychology Department and the Social Work Department),4 teaching and research sections (Teaching and Research Section of Basic Theories on Marxism, Teaching and Research Section of China’s Realities, Teaching and Research Section of Theories on the Chinese Revolution and Socialist Drives,and Teaching and Research Section of Ideology & Morality and Situation & Policy), 3 supportive research centers for the University (Mental Health Counseling Center for School Students, Research Center for Females, and Research Center for Medicine and Humanities), 6 laboratories (Psychological Counseling Room, Psychological Evaluation Room, Situational Experiment Laboratory, Case Laboratory, Group Experiment Laboratory, Psychology and Physiology Laboratory, and General Psychology Laboratory), 1 High-level Talents Training Base of Fujian Province (Fujian Provincial Vocational Skills Authentication Station for Psychological Consultants) which was awarded by Fujian Provincial Department of Labor and Social Security, 13 teaching practical training bases set up in Fujian Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission, Fujian Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation including Volunteers Liaison Stations for municipal disabled persons' federations, Fujian Provincial Women's Federation, Fuzhou Municipal Women's Federation, Cangshan Prison of Fujian Province, Criminals Detention Center of Fujian Provincial Prison Management Bureau, Fujian Provincial Juvenile Deliquent Rehabilitation Center, The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University,  Fujian Medical University Union Hospital, Xiamen Xianyue Hospital, The Third Hospital of Quanzhou City, Taijiang Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Senior Citizens’ Apartments of Taijiang District.
The School boasts an excellent teaching and research faculty of 35 members (full-time and part-time), including 18 professors and associate professors. With the great importance it has attached to improving the academic level of the teachers, the School is fairly competitive in the research on such subjects as philosophy, medical philosophy, medical aesthetics, medical affairs and social work, medical ethics and psychology. In addition, the School has paid much attention to the links between humanities and medicine, and the expansion of related interdisciplinary subjects. In recent years, the teachers have undertaken 16 scientific research projects, published more than 200 papers on various periodicals at home and abroad, and compiled 30 academic monographs and textbooks either independently or cooperatively. The School has invited many well-known experts and professors from the United States, Japan, Sweden, Australia, Austria and other countries to give lectures and conduct cooperative research in the University, while its teachers have participated in a number of domestic and international academic conferences and joint researches, so its international exchanges have been boosted in a wide scope.
With the development of China's higher education and the advancement of society and economy of Fujian Province, the School, based on the strong advantages in medicine of the University, has set up 2 majors for full-time 4-year undergraduates, including Social Work and Applied Psychology. The Major of Social Work which started the first recruitment in the fall of 2002 is equipped with a strong teaching team catering to the actual demands. The teachers with a PHD or Master’s degree account for 70% of the total faculty, and the teachers of core courses are of great competence in teaching. There are 243 students at present, who will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Law upon graduation. In 2006, the employment rate of the first batch of graduates was above 98%. Starting its first recruitment in 2004, the Applied Psychology Major has 90% of its total faculty holding a PHD or Master’s degree, as well as 284 students who will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science upon graduation.
The college adheres to the college motto of “people-first, truth-seeking, innovation and perfection”, takes the overall planning to expand quality education for the young students, actively guides the students to serve the society based on the campus, and has carried out fruitful activities. Lu Yongzheng, the Secretary of the CYL Central Committee; Hu Chunhua, the First Secretary; Lu Zhangong, the Secretary of Provincial CCP Committee; Yuan Rongxiang, the Secretary of Fuzhou Municipal CCP Committee; Wang Lin, the Standing Committee of Fuzhou Municipal CCP Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department, etc had ever visited the young volunteer operation base of our college and kindly presented their guidance and suggestions. Recently, our social work volunteers offer their weekend time to carry out the teenager social work in Taijiang District, Fuzhou city, which has been widely recognized by the public. And the news media above municipal level had reported this activity 14 times in succession during more than half a year; Our college also launched the Campus Culture Brand Activities full of professional features such as “Humanity Month” and psychological drama, etc; The Mental Health Association and Sunshine Volunteers Association were honored as “Top Ten Association” and “Excellent Associations” in Fuzhou respectively.
In the new century, School of Humanities is facing new situations, new tasks and new challenges; it will continue to progress with strengthened confidence, unified thought, revivified spirit, unity and enterprise, pragmatism and diligence, and develop the new subjects and applied subjects vigorously with the cross and fusion between the humanities science and medicine, so as to further improve the subject construction. We are striving to push our overall level to stride into the advanced range of ideological and political theory course teaching research in our province before 2010, making it an important base for talent training and research center on medical matters & social work and medical psychology, and training more high-quality talents who adapt to the needs of socialist modernization.