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  • Current Leadership

    Dean of College: Zhang Wenchang
    Secretary of the Party committee and Associate Dean: Liu Mingsheng. 
    Associate Dean:  Li Huangyuan
    Associate Secretary of the Party committee: Dai leyuan

  • Faculty

    Currently the school has a total number of 67 staff members. Of 46 full-time teachers, over 90% have obtained master’s degrees. There are 9 professors and 20 master supervisors and doctoral supervisors and Enjoy special government allowances 1, 2 teacher training in Fujian Province, more than 20 national or provincial level in the Society, and president of various professional committees, vice president or the executive director and other staff.

  • Organization Structure

    The School of Public Health consists of the Party and Administration Office and 5 departments (the Department of Epidemiology and Health Statistics, the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, the Department of Nutriology and Health Medicine, the Department of Health Administration and Social Medicine, and the Department of Community Health and General Medicine) and 2 centers (the Experimental Center of Preventive Medicine and the Training Center of Public Health and General Medicine). Furthermore, there are 6 sub-labs in the Experimental Center of Preventive Medicine: the Basic Lab of Preventive Medicine, the Lab of Chinese Medicine Toxicology, the Lab of Chemical Toxicity Identification, the Lab of Environment Hormone Toxicity assessment, the Lab of Medical Software Application and the lab of Case Situation Simulation of Management Teaching.

    And we also have established the Key Laboratory for Preventive Medicine Education of Fujian Education Commission, ‘the Lab of Molecule Preventive Medicine’, and the Animal Lab (in clean grade).

    In October 2007, the Institute of Environment and Health of Fujian Medical University was founded, including 4 sub-labs: the Lab of Toxicology and Chemical Safety Evaluation, the Lab of Tumor Epidemiology, the Lab of Food Function Evaluation and the Lab of Sub-health.

    In June 2010,the Research Center of Health Policyof Fujian Medical University was founded. Setting  up 4 Research: Primary Health Services Policy Research "," Public Health Policy Research "," Health care Policy Research "and" Health Policy Advisory Services Research".
    The Fujian Nutrition Academy is also affiliated to the School of Public Health.