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Scientific Research Profile

College around the subject building to major projects as a leader, featuring a horizontal issue, the form of joint research, to scientific research and experimental development as the traction technology platform, based on disciplinary group of construction and personnel training echelon, to enhance the scientific research strength, and constantly push forward the level of scientific research to a new level.  In the last decade, the school has taken in over 50 research projects which were sponsored by the provincial and national natural science funds. The research fund has aggregated to more than 12 million. During the last century, for 80 years, we have presided over the State and Fujian "August" scientific and technological issues, the Ministry of Education projects fund, the national, provincial Natural Science Foundation and other key projects. Of national, provincial (ministry), department-level scientific and technological achievements numbering almost 20.Over 30 monographs and more than 400 research papers have been published, of which 40 can be searched by SCI.

Research Areas
Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology
 1. Female (female) reproductive toxicology studies of molecular
 2. Mechanism of biological toxins
 3. Molecular Toxicology Research neural
 4. Epigenetic Toxicology
Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology
 1. Cancer Epidemiology causes. High Risk Study.
 2. Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer
 3. The relationship between infection and cancer of the digestive tract
Nutrition and Disease Research
 1. Phytonutrients intervention of chronic poisoning
 2. Nutrition and diabetes mellitus and the mechanism
 3. Nutritional intervention study on cancer
Application of Multivariate Statistics and Medical
 1. Statistical Methods of Mathematical
 2. The medical application of multivariate statistical
Health Policy Research
 1. Primary Health Policy Research
 2. Social Medical Security System Policy
 3. Health System Reform
 1. Psychosocial factors and psychosomatic diseases Relations
 2. Diagnosis and Control Technology sub Establishment
 3. Disinfection product development, etc.