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Alumni profile

1. Fujian medical university alumni association is under the leadership of the fujian medical university alumni fellowship organization. Alumni association of English is: "The General Association of Alumui of Fujian Medical University".

2. Our tenet is: contact, unity, and enhance the school and alumni feelings and friendship between the alumni, Encourage alumni concern and support the Alma mater schools, stimulative school teaching, scientific research, medical and social services, management development, Publicize the alumni, encourage the alumni advanced deeds for the four modernizations.

3. The site in Fujian Medical University.


The main work alumni association:

1. Closely, alumni associations around;

2. Organized alumni fellowship activities;

3. Collect and feedback of the alumni Alma mater schools Suggestions;

4. Support, organizing academic achievements in science and technology exchange activities such as the consultation;

5. Propaganda, introduces the alumni in various fronts the achievements and experience;

6. Encourage and promote teaching, to improve the Alma mater alumni scientific research level and improve managerial condition make positive contribution;

7. Manage the fujian medical university alumni communication.


Membership: All kinds of study in our graduate students (including ordinary life, junior, adult education, training, advanced graduate students and Hong Kong and Macao, the annual and foreign students, 55, etc) and the working staff, And as a part-time position of domestic and overseas reputation and experts, scholars and celebrities, Recognizing its articles of association, member obligations, perform procedure, can become a member of the faculty of school work, now also have membership.

Procedure: 1. Whoever has the alumni, membership can be directly to the local branch membership registration formalities with alumni, the alumni clubs to always record; 2. The practice of membership, group, and the alumni association as liaison organization may be everywhere alumni association group members, its members for members.

Member rights: 1. Located in the association of organization and activities; 2. For Alma mater and the work location and criticize and Suggestions association; 3. Voluntary participation or exit alumni.

Member obligations: 1. Abide by the state laws and regulations, articles of association, admit; 2. Enthusiastic support and actively participate in the alumni association work activities; 3. This branch to report or alumni advanced deeds, the achievements and experience, Positive contributions to the alumni newsletter.


The organizational form of a director for the system, Always put President, several vice-chairmans, While a board, the standing council. Always have one secretary-general, permanent secretariat, deputy secretary-general certain people.