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Logo of FJMU
I. Illustration of the Pattern

The logo consists of three major elements – the letter "M", the Caduceus, and the year "1937". It is round-shaped with the university's name in Chinese written by a calligrapher Shu Tong in the upper arc and the English full name in the lower arc.

II. Implication of the Design

1. This pattern is the variation of Caduceus and it is also like the double helix structure of DNA, standing for modern medicine.

2. This pattern resembles the letter "M", which is the first letter of "Min" in Chinese, the abbreviation of Fujian Province, and of "Medical" in English as well. It also looks like an open book, standing for higher education.

3. Similar to the shape of Chinese character "闽", meaning Fujian province, the combination of the two patterns above indicates the location of the university.

4. It is the founding year of FJMU.

III. The Full-size Drawing